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I want to put up a run using my laptop but I can’t do it without any emulators. Any ideas?


You can either run the game on emulator anyway and not submit your runs to the leaderboard, or get a Wii/WiiU. Those are pretty much your only options.

Also, there's no need to ask the same question in two different places:

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I have a Wii and a Wii U but what’s the difference and how are they specifically going to help


Just run the game using one of those consoles, there’s no difference in this regard since both can play a Wii game.

Dolphin is an inaccurate emulator, you’ll be hard pressed to find a Wii or GC game that lets you use it. It’s often quite faster than a real console so it’s not usually allowed since it’s unfair.


The best thing to do is to get a capture card to send the game feed directly to your computer. If you can’t afford one, simply record the game with a phone or tablet and upload the footage to your computer after the session.