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Some sort of "art" discussion ^^

What does your layout look like ?
How do you like it to look ?
What are the worst layout you saw ?
Want someone to create one for you ?

Etc. etc. etc.


In terms of an artsy overlay? I have none. I've got the creativity of a stump and could only pull off the most basic of designs so I typically don't bother.

That being said, I also don't mind the simplistic approach. Splits and cam along the left side, game-play on the right. Every once in a while I'll experiment with other variations, but usually end up back to the norm.

It'd be cool to have something made by a graphic designer, but I don't want to pay for one unless I have a theme in mind for my channel, which at this point I don't 😖


Just have your game cover the majority of the screen and then splits on whatever side you prefer. Everything else is just fluff.


Personally I prefer a plain stream layout. No silly massive overlays with bright colours or moving text/images, the less eye catching detail the better. HOWEVER that doesn't mean it has to be boring, lacking creativity or just look bad.
An example would be my GTA:SA layout:

Here you can see it's basically 90% the game, with some splits and a webcam. But there are a few small details. For example there is no black/blank space, there is a background image behind the splits (which I have turned very dark so the colours are muted and don't distract the eye) and there is a small faded black spacer bar between splits and the camera (which in this picture is accidently layered above the splits... opps)

Everything fits, and there is no wasted space. Everything is sized to fit around the game, which is the most important part.
I'm not an artist and this is obviously not the best layout in the world, but I just wanted to say GENERALLY, less is more.


Imo everything should be as big as it can be. No borders or anything around it.

I'm struggling with my layout though as I have a lack of space to put things that I want on there. Once I'm able to stream in a decent quality though, I can possibly make things smaller and put everything to the left like Josh does without it becoming unreadable.


I have this one...

Top left space is for the cam, right big one is for the screen capture and the space below the cam is for either splits or twitch chat.. depending on what I'm doing I also add a now playing thing or anything else on that space.

Also I recently got this one, because it leaves me a little more space on the side.


These are both cool. That's simple and effective =)

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A good layout is where the game touches at least 3 edges of the video.

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Agreed. although I prefer a 2-edged game stream over a 4-edged one with all the shit on top of it.

0 or 1 edge streams are a big nono though.

this is mine i made it on paint, Paint doesnt have a transparency tool


Im looking for a layout so if anyone has a good one, with boxes for webcam chat and splits please let me know

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