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i didn't used my OBS(Open Broadcaster Software) for nearly 2 months. In the past everything was recorded fine and i could stream it on twitch. Last week I wanted to stream again, but the OBS can't record my VBA. Only the sound is incoming, and the rest is blackscreen.

Has someone any ideas what I could do?



I had a problem yesterday, i had HexChat opened, and when the HexChat window was on, the VBA screen on OBS had parts not showing up, it was fine after closing the HexChat window though.

Sometimes, you have to "refresh" things on OBS though (you know, amarec window capture, VBA, and so on).

I'd say try that, and if there's still a problem then i don't know.


Yeah I always refresh. Funny thing is I found an older version of VBA on my Computer a few minutes ago(by missclicking the folder) and i tried that version on OBS and it worked. So well, thread can be closed 😃