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Thread: Upcoming language system

Started by: PacPac

If you need any help with european portuguese, just let me now, i'll help asap 😃


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Thread: ABH in HL2 mod?

Started by: TheFormidableGamerTheFormidableGamer

That would be nice, but you cant jump nor crouch in the hl2 mod, they are bound to their keys, but cant use them

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Forum: The Witness

Thread: Snipe Strat

Started by: StitchPTStitchPT

Maybe you already know, but by lowering your field of view, sniping becomes a bit easier to do, and the puzzle box becomes a bit bigger, so it is easier to solve a puzzle from far away, like in swamp.


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Thread: Help with jammer glitch

Started by: RabbitRabbit

I am not sure, but i think it works with all barriers.

The setup that i know is like you put the jammer down, line up with the barrier and move just a bit to the opposite side of where the jammer is, you click forward 3-4 times, and grab the jammer.

Here is an example:

It can be a bit tricky, but not difficult to get it.

Good luck with your runs 🙂