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You can turn off Wi-Fi and there will be no ads, simple


Add rules and new categories, such as any% easy, normal and nightmare (difficulties could be subcategories). Also, you can add Cheat% where you can use in-game cheats.
P.S. Can I be a moderator? I know that i have no runs on this game because i am just practicing but i am very active and i can easily add new categories and rules


We need to add subcategories, it will be more convinient to watch results (For example, we can combine 1-18 Any% and 1-18 100% to one category - 1-18 and the subcategories would be Any% and 100%.


Yeah, you can use it to save some time.


Thank you 😉

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Is it necessary to buy all upgrades?


For example, i want to add 1-14 levels as a main category and any% and 100% are subcategories.


I will add 5 demons to the misc.

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daangast If you want more categories just write your suggestions and i can possibly add them


IL doesn't make sence in this game because you always complete levels with same speed


Actually, you can run without profile reset but you need to collect coins during the run to "unlock" demons (if you run with demon levels you need to collect 10 coins for Clubstep, 20 coins for Theory of Everything 2 and 30 coins for Deadlocked).


You don't need to reset your profile if you chose category without demons. If you run 100% you also don't need to reset.


Now, as I add specific rules, i will rewatch every speedrun to count exact time. Also, I will add mileseconds to the time to be more precise.


Hello, I would like to be Geometry Dash Meltdown moderator. Waiting for your reply.


It would be great to see more videos and create another leaderboard but only for emulator users

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