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Thread: Maximum number of saves?

Started by: Rep_TalianRep_Talian

2 typewriters are bugged, monitor room and the lab room (down the elevator) in B scenarios. The room with the box push


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Thread: Is it allowed to use RE1 DC Pal French translated in italian language?

Started by: If_And_WhileIf_And_While

No. Pal is banned on emulator but even if it wasn't it's still modifying the game which is against the rules.


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Thread: Splits and auto splitter for special modes

Started by: mrnoxx93mrnoxx93

We could never find the milliseconds value for the hunk/tofu IGT

Ex battles splitter exists but it's not worth using really because it's only a split for each stage, all doors doesn't work for it since the IGT resets between stages


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Thread: Cant access guides

Started by: AgainstheOddsAgainstheOdds

Nope it's the same for me, must be a problem with the site atm


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Thread: Taiwanese and Sourcenext differences?

Started by: If_And_WhileIf_And_While

Go ahead but we already extensively tested it with autosplitters, SRT's and other programs, so i know what the outcome would be.

ever so slightly faster text, missing textures & random crashes.

Regardless of the outcome of your tests this version will not be added to the leader boards just so you're aware.

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Thread: Taiwanese and Sourcenext differences?

Started by: If_And_WhileIf_And_While

sure the iso is probably modified but the points i made in the original thread 2 years ago are still valid, it's a translation of an old terrible version of the game that has severe issues

Also just to note, that version you have does have the directx error

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Thread: Creation of new sections

Started by: If_And_WhileIf_And_While

Hello, thanks for the suggestions but we're not looking to separate any categories or add new ones.

PS1/2 are in the same section because well.. they're the same version, only one is faster than the other. Filter by platform if you wish to see the fastest PS1 time.

PS3/PSP are already separated and we don't allow to speed up any loading times on any version.

Lastly about DC Emu we feel that 2 options for emulator is enough, there's really no point to run on DC Emu when Dolphin Emu already has a category.

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Thread: SRT IGT vs Live Split Time

Started by: nockscitneynockscitney

Your problem is you don't have livesplit set to game time. SRT and the livesplit script work the same way, they both read the game memory and display the game timer. follow this guide for livesplit and make sure to run livesplit as administrator

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Thread: Turbo For Stairskating in DS Category | Yes/No

Started by: NyxAvatar0013NyxAvatar0013

Tbh if someone is disabled or has trouble with cramping or whatever i think they need to understand they'll always be at a huge disadvantage and probably never get a WR.

Here's a personal example..

i bought a Japanese GameCube to run Biohazard 2 but during the run my hand cramps up and i physically cannot do more than one run at a time, So i stopped running it and sold the console.

The point i'm trying to make is although it sucks that a small number of people are left behind that doesn't mean a new category should to be created to make it easier for them, they need to accept the fact they're at a disadvantage and either stop running the game as it's clearly not doing them any favors for long term health or have fun with the game and go as fast as they can without putting strain on themselves.

Anyone with hand problems should consider a PS4 controller though and remap to the analog stick for stair skating because that is a damn good alternative, allowing people to use turbo isn't.

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Thread: Grenade Launcher tool for runs and changes in the moderation of RE3

Started by: JulianJulian

Just throwing this out there, if this tool is allowed maybe add a variable to the categories " GL tool - Yes/no" that way people can just filter out the GL tool runs if they don't agree with it being used.
Surely that would keep both sides happy?

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Thread: Scagdead Skip

Started by: NovaSpeedrunsNovaSpeedruns

You mean with Chris in the casino? If so it's not possible


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Thread: King of the Kennedy 2 - Tournament

Started by: StevenMayteStevenMayte

We're Gona postpone the Tournament for now, organisers are busy with other things and we don't really have the numbers to pull it off

Anyone that already signed up will remain signed up when we relaunch and try again

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Thread: King of the Kennedy 2 - Tournament

Started by: StevenMayteStevenMayte

In 2017 we did King of the Kennedy, the first ever Tournament for an RE game, 16 players, single elimination. Although the first Tournament was a success there are many things we wish we did differently, we put those ideas into action with RE1 Classics Master of Unlocking recently and it worked really well so here we are again..

RESpeedruns Twitch Channel
Leon A (PC)
16 players
Double Elimination
Raising Money for a non profit mental health organisation.

if you want to have a chance at participating you must have a run on the leaderboards BEFORE May 31st.
The Top 12 runners that sign up will be guaranteed a spot in the Tournament, the other 4 slots will be claimed in 4 free for all races, the winner of each race gets a slot in the tournament.

please read the rules and fill out the sign up form & also join the discord!


Sign up:


Also here are links to our other Tournaments
Master of Unlocking:

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Thread: Help

Started by: tonnytonny

Pending actions is broken but it is in the queue to be verified

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Thread: Bio1 Sound Issues

Started by: ParalypticParalyptic

There's a new patch for the game coming very soon, I've personally tested it and it seems to have fixed all problems I've ever seen with this game. I would suggest keeping an eye on these forums for the official release of it 🙂

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Thread: Category Extensions

Started by: StevenMayteStevenMayte

Category Extensions are LIVE and can be found here

Currently we only have New Game+ as a category and would like the community to give us suggestions on what you would like to see

Current categories in mind are
Handgun only
Shotgun only
All kills/ All kills knife only

I put up an IGT script that just tracks the IGT in Livesplit for now in the downloads section of Category Extensions because until we have solid routes there's not much point in us making Autosplitters just yet.

But if there's any other suggestions for categories now is the time to say 😃

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Thread: RE1 Tournament

Started by: StevenMayteStevenMayte

Sign ups for the tournament close Friday! Any sign ups after Friday will mean you become a reserve incase of a drop out.

Due to the over whelming amount of sign ups we're gonna be hosting a qualifier round to narrow it down to the top 16 runners so get practicing! More details soon

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