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Forum: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

Thread: Any speedrun guides for Hacker's Memory?

Started by: SterlingCrossSterlingCross

Just curious if any of the runners for the game have any notes or what have you for a speedrun of the game.


Forum: Octopath Traveler

Thread: Galdera RTA strats?

Started by: SterlingCrossSterlingCross

Simply this. Has anyone or is anyone making a guide for speedrunning the game all the way to Galdera?


Forum: Bravely Default: Where The Fairy Flies (For The Sequel)

Thread: True Ending route

Started by: [Deleted user]

Well, I think I might have came up with a great idea for the later boss fights in chapter 5 and beyond. I got this idea from a cheese build for BD: (

Edea- Knight/Spiritmaster
Skills- Hasten World, Speed 20%, Speed 10%
Important Equip- Foxtail x2
Everyone Else- Time Mage/Sword Master
Skills- Pierce M. Defense, Speed 20%
Important Equip- Foxtail x2, Kenpo Gi, Red Cap, Hermes Shoes

Here's how a normal battle would go:

1st Turn
Edea- Stillness + Attack
Everyone Else- Brave x3, Free Lunch, Slowga, Veilga, Hastega

Edea- Stillness + Attack
Two people- Brave x3 Free Lunch, Meteor, Meteor, Meteor
One person- Brave x3 Free Lunch, Hastega, Slowga, Meteor

Of course this is the normal build, but since we are going for time, I was thinking we could cut the Fox Tails and the other exclusive Norende items, and instead of having to grind Swordmaster up to Lv. 14 for Free Lunch, we could just grind Red Mage up to Lv.5 so that we could get MP Free in a Pinch, negating the cost of Meteor.

What do you think of the idea?


Forum: Bravely Second: End Layer

Thread: NG+ category

Started by: sheela901sheela901

Hey, I know this isn't the right forum, but does anyone have a speedrun guide/notes for speedrunning Bravely Second 100% or just to reach the ending? The only thing I could find that is close is the casual speedrun, but it's in Japanese.


Forum: Bravely Default: Where The Fairy Flies (For The Sequel)

Thread: 100%


Trust me, I have been looking around for help in a 100% speedrun of Bravely Default, but I could not find one for the life of me. My idea of 100% kinda goes off what SailorNemesis of GameFAQs (Quirinus from YouTube), which fully completing the Journal (including all the alternate events on Event Viewer and Party Chat), Norende completed, all Asterisks got and maxed, the Adventurer defeated, and the final ending achieved. Granted, the last time I did this, it took me a whopping 74 hours, but I seek to shave off that time.

But if I would have to think more realistically, I would say completing the Journal (getting all the ???s gone) excluding the Event Viewer, all Asterisks (probably all maxed), all Tutorial Quests, True Ending, and possibly beating the Adventurer would count as 100%.

As my plan for 100%ing this game, I have been going off Romi's Black Mage run, but around the end of Chapter 3, I went off to get the jobs I didn't get (Thief, Merchant, Time Mage, Spell Fencer, Valkyrie, Ranger, Red Mage) in lieu of the 'grinding' portions. However, if I were to go up against the boss rushes of the later chapters, I would maybe suggest doing some chapter 5 Florem grinding to train Time Mages (three for Meteor, one for Hasten World), Swordmaster (for Free Lunch), one for Spiritmaster (for Stillness), and Thief (for the Speed buffs).

If you guys have any ideas on how to improve that, let me know.


Forum: Bravely Default: Where The Fairy Flies (For The Sequel)

Thread: True Ending route

Started by: [Deleted user]

@Noshiro: Hey, could I possibly get some of your notes? All I could find online regarding Bravely Default is the speedrun guide by Romi, and he only goes as far as the False Ending. I'm kinda casually trying to speedrun Bravely Default 100% and I think I am making some progress towards it, but I would like to see what you put down. Right now, I am currently going off Romi's Black Mage speedrun.