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Thread: Glitch for starting with a tetris

Started by: StarwiseStarwise

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There doesn't seem to be any rules against or for the use of this glitch on the srcom leaderboards... So is the use of this glitch allowed or not for speedruns?
And if it is, does the timing start when you start the game where you get the 4 lines, or does it start on the game where you setup the glitch (in which case it's not worth it)

I'd assume it's not allowed cause it's banned on other places like the tetrisconcept's point leaderboard. Just want to make sure though

Edit: Here's a video of the glitch if you aren't sure of what I meant:

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Forum: Geometry Dash

Thread: Is it legal to play the levels in a category in the reverse order?

Started by: JackMacWindowsJackMacWindows

I guess you can do it in any order as long as Stereo Madness is first since the rules say "timing starts on when you select stereo madness"