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Im considering running this game but tbh I think this should just get answered either way. The game is available on PS4 and XBox One in "The Ezio Collection" along with Brotherhood and Revelations. To my knowledge there are no advantages to playing on PS4 and Xbox One. If this is ok, they should be added to the list of available consoles so we can submit runs for those consoles.

Thank you in advance 🙂


Just bought the game. Plan on running it after I play through it a couple times. 🙂

This is a discord I preemptively made for speedruns of this game, you're welcome to come talk about the game with me there or message me on Discord @StarFalco64#0116

The link shouldn't expire.

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Or did you mean more like each mission getting it's own board in a level leaderboard section? Cause that would probably make more sense.


Check the latest post in the "Last stand for esw" thread

Edit: durr. Latest posts change. It's by NarbeVoguel, youll see it.

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Jub I'm not going to pretend like what you said wasn't atleast partially true. I don't know that I feel I was trying to rule over the entire community, but I can definitely see that I was getting to be controlling and that very legitimately wasn't my intention. I've apologized to several people today because I know that what you said wasn't really that wrong, and the only reason I didn't apologize to you yet was that I wasn't sure it would be a good idea to even say anything at all; maybe it would just be better to leave it instead of even bothering to continue the discussion. But I see now that if we want things settled, just doing nothing is the wrong choice.

I wasn't looking to make enemies with you (it appears that you weren't trying to make enemies with me either, which is good), and I wasn't trying to make you feel that yours or anyone else's opinions did not matter. That was never my intention and I am legitimately sorry. I hope you understand.

I'm not sure it's a good idea to blame anyone here, be it myself, yourself, or anyone. If someone ¤has¤ to be to blame though I am willing to accept partial fault as well. I would also like to hope that this never happens again, or if it does we can step back for a second and be like "hey... no, we know now".

But what I will say is that approaching me about this privately instead of on a public forum would have been nice... I feel like that's ya know... pretty fair. But that's the past and in the end it's not a big deal either.

This whole thing was pretty arbitrary and petty and some of us, myself included, decided that taking it to heart was a good idea and it really wasn't a good idea at all.

Whatever the community wants is what the community will get. Right now it's looking like moving ESW to misc and renaming it to probably Any% ESW (makes sense) and renaming No ESW to just Any% is what is likely going to happen. Whatever decision the community reaches I will support (though giving it more than a day is likely a good idea, even if nobody replies for a while I wouldn't suggest giving it less than a week just for total safety, one week isn't going to hurt anyone, but really whenever the mods feel discussion has reached a conclusion is the real end I suppose).

Once again, I'm sorry Jub, and I hope you understand and we can move on and with luck be friends. Maybe you can help me learn No ESW sometime, I wouldn't mind giving it a run.

Also sorry for writing a book...

Edit: Throwing this in here too. I'm not looking for an apology from anyone either here. This is me apologizing, not looking for any sort of apology for myself.


By that do you mean like, a run that entails all 5 missions of each character?

Starts on selection of the first mission, ends on completetion of mission 5? Sounds fun. It would have to be a level leaderboard id imagine.


Jub under this idea would new Any% remain a main category?

I stand by what I said in my post for now, I'm just trying to get clarification because you said "settle for", sounds like a compromise and i think we should all have total clarity.


Jose how is that fair? The category has been open for 9 days and has 6 runs vs the other one being open for 9 years and having 11 runs. Also a few people are doing this for the 12 hour challenge tomorrow and more have expressed interest and are getting their files set up, as i said in my post about 5 or 6, which would tie it with Any% No ESW.

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Alright I stand by that this thread doesn't need to exist but here we are again. I'm completely and 100% FOR things staying exactly as they are right now, and here's why.

As things stand right now:
ESW is being used in Any%, making the run roughly 35 minutes instead of 5 hours.
Any% is not a miscellaneous category.
Any% No ESW is the primary category.

I understand the issues with allowing ESW, I do. ¤Most¤ people's points are quite fair. However I believe that it has given far more than it has taken away, as I don't see how it has taken away from the community in anyway. This new addition has opened the game up to many more people. I can think of 5-6 people that have either come into our discord interested in running the game since the decision was made, or existing members that have decided to run it, and when the old Any% (now Any% No ESW) is only 11 players and increases on average by only slightly more than 1 person per year, this is a blessing for the communities size and interest level as the new category is on schedule to surpass the old in a fraction of the time. I think a few people are going to be elitist about it and say "Well we don't want new people that don't care!", but I say to you that you don't know who is and is not going to care. A main category being less than 40 minutes attracts attention of people who are both going to do the run once and never again, and people who are going to fall in love with the run and do it many times as well as the games other categories, including the primary category, Any% No ESW.

A game does not belong to one, or two, or three specific runners. It belongs to everyone who shows interest in running the game, which is a number that none of us have a way of quantifying as many I'm sure have not come forward yet. So, to accommodate that, a prominent category that is a length that most people have time to do in any given day, and can run if nothing else as a "test drive" of the game itself is completely necessary. Spellstone 1 used to accomplish this task to a fair extent, but it was not the full game, and was about twice, sometimes three times the length. This category therefore accomplishes the task even better than Spellstone 1 ever did.

So why should Any% be a main category and Spellstone 1 not? Because Any% is a full-game run. Very simple. In general, misc categories do not complete the full game and main categories do. There are, of course, exceptions to this but it's not generally the case. Why get technical with it when that's pretty much been the formula we've been following with this and, off the top of my head, atleast the majority of other Star Fox games.

Why should Any% No ESW be the games primary category (the category that appears first when the game is opened)? Because it undoubtedly requires the most skill. I'm not sure anyone is really going to debate that. As a matter of fact, before everyone decided to formulate yet another discussion, that was the only stipulation many of the current runners had. That stipulation was given and here we are again. I don't think anyone is requesting Any% be the games primary category. Off the top of my head, two example games where Any% is not the main category are Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie.

If you don't like the category, then don't run it instead of ruining everyone else's fun. It's really that simple. Not everyone is going to get everything they want, that's just impossible; but right now we are at a great spot where everyone has something they want and I think it should be left as that.

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Oh one more question: For campaigns that have bonus missions, does full game only mean the main missions or does it require the bonus missions too? For example, would Darth Vader's full game run be missions 1-5 or missions 1-7? Or OOM-9, would his be missions 1-6 or 1-7?


Im gonna get into filling the leaderboard soon so I'll let you know when I get there but moderate is cool for now 🙂

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Can the levels be played on any difficulty for full game runs or should they be completed on moderate difficulty like the level leaderboards show?

Thank you!


I am also wondering this. Or a discord or something.


I'm not sure if it's allowed or not but if it's not allowed, I would say it should be because GBA is listed here on as a platform the game was available on.

If it's seriously different you could make a different category but I say it should be allowed for sure.

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She sounds friggin' awesome lol

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@CriscoWild good runs have already been rejected before for being on Easy. It wouldn't be fair to them at this point.


@zekekemarcus It's sort of amazing to me that human error and bad RNG have only put us 7 minutes behind the perfect run.

@DarkMan64000 Actually, while you are correct that in a real run it is not practical, in this TAS it probably should have been used. So for the TAS, I agree with @7hornet


So these questions were never answered:

Are full game runs done in RTA or IGT? I suggest RTA cause that's how full game runs typically go.

Is a new file required for Any% full game runs or are completed files viable? I know that new files aren't required for ILs.


The version differences between the Wii and 360/PS3 are honestly kinda staggering, to the point where the level designs are hugely different and some levels are only in the Wii version, and vice versa for the 360/PS3.

I want to run this games Wii version and wonder if a Wii run would fit in with the Console categories or if a separate category itself should be made for the Wii. In a lot of ways, they were two different games.

Please let me know what you think! 🙂


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