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Thread: Freddy in Space 2 Speedrun?

Started by: LoogiLoogi

I'll add the game as a series mod and keep it WIP for now as I haven't checked it out myself yet.


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Thread: Stream not showing in streams page

Started by: 334327

What Riekelt said is right, you must have a run submitted and verified if you want to show up on streams page.


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Thread: What is Current Patch?

Started by: LoogiLoogi

One of those


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Contacting someone about a game being updated

Started by: ZephyrOs_ZephyrOs_

They removed YouTube messaging system. Tough luck, mate.

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Thread: Redundant boards

Started by: emeraldalyemeraldaly

I think game DLCs having seperate leaderboards is ridiculous. It's still the same game.


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Thread: Popular runners ≠ good SRC moderators.

Started by: junkyard_davejunkyard_dave

Damn, you are the hero we needed but debatably didn't deserve.


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Thread: GDEMU's and other ODE's

Started by: TelePlusDeluxeTelePlusDeluxe

Ah, another person who thinks deleting the first post will get rid of the thread.

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Thread: Guide to Good Moderation

Started by: KlashikKlashik

You scrolled all the way down to find this thread?

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Thread: Super mod in game series but not in game?

Started by: GeshodeGeshode

I had a problem like this before with the Minecraft series when that was a rule. Even though the series mod that got added into the game I requested got added, he knew absolutely nothing about the game, didn't run it, and didn't even care about verifying the runs. He is still a mod in there as well, even.


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Thread: Merging 2 accounts

Started by: 169997

Site staff can change the runner's name on all the runs submitted so they can easily attach them all to your account. Just put a link to your old account and request them to attach all the runs to this account.


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Thread: Bots deletion thread

Started by: GyooGyoo


This guy seems to edit his post. Not sure if he's a bot though.

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Thread: Favorite horror game?

Started by: ShadowFlare7799ShadowFlare7799

Until Dawn
Five Nights at Freddy's
Man of Medan

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Thread: What is 1 of your most favorite video game tracks of all time??

Started by: Patrick_BarrettPatrick_Barrett

Starts as a calm, emotional music and adds tension to that slowly and smoothly. One of the video game soundtracks and one of the best composers. Really worth checking out.


Forum: Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

Thread: No Runs But runs on youtube

Started by: dylancubr9dylancubr9

Either that, or they don't know about this site.


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Thread: Speed running upload

Started by: kirby9412kirby9412

Silly question, but why would you choose OneDrive over YouTube?

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