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Thread: Localisation update ?

Started by: üü

@BabyhuehnchenBabyhuehnchen Valhalla isn't in the list like Earth, Esperanto, and European Union. You can use it if you type it, though.

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Thread: Private Messages! (Beta)

Started by: PacPac

@legrandgrandlegrandgrand All the messages use the default date and time formats and the GMT time-zone for now. Pac said it'll be fixed shortly.

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Thread: Where i can find asl file for Live Split?

Started by: schitan0schitan0

@schitan0schitan0 You don't need to add a Scriptable Auto Splitter, you can just click Activate in the Splits Editor.


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Thread: Mission order list

Started by: AlinyscoAlinysco

@AlinyscoAlinysco The mission order depends on the category, but there is a mission tree in the resources under tools called mission map.

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