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It really depends on what you define as Easy. I might say x game is easy but you might find it really difficult.
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There are games that literally take 0:00:00.001 milliseconds to complete!
why the f would you pick the easiest game to run, not the most fun? Speedrunning is a hobby (until you get so many viewers that a twitch partner application might actually go through) that you mainly do for fun. Just picking what's easiest isn't fun at all, unless you're doing a game for meme that you personally find entertaining. If you want to have fun with Speedrunning, especially long-term, pick a game that you like so much that you could literally play it hundreds of times. If there's some hard tricks and challenges, even better, there's a long term goal, so your hobby doesn't get stale after a week. If you pick the easiest you're done in an hour and imo wasted that hour too.
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Mitsunee's post in short version: Just run a game you really love or loved when you were a kid.
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Go online and search up "random web" and you win at life. Imagine if that was actually being ran.
Try Dragster. It's easy enough but also quite deep for a short game if you really get into it.
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I would argue that Dragster is subjectively quite difficult to get a good time in (5.57 or the fabled 5.51).
Dragster is like most Atari and even NES games - easy to learn, hard to be very good at. Not quite easy runs, especially at high level, but if you're looking for an easy "one and done" run they aren't too bad.
I'd suggest Battle For Bikini Bottom 16%,it can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be.
Why did Dragster become so popular all of a sudden? It's like that Barney game that everybody at ESA ran one year just for the lulz
@Emeraldaly i think it is because of all the controversy surrounding Todd Roger's 5.51 time inwhich (dont quote me on this) it is implied that the 5.51 is impossible
Dragster became popular because Omnigamer reverse engineered the code to show that the fastest possible time the code allows is a 5.57, which means that Todd's 5.51 was either faked or the result of a hardware malfunction (both should invalidate the time). With this knowledge, someone opened up an official dispute on Twin Galaxies for Todd's time using the Dragster TAS and Omnigamer's testing to say that Todd's time should be removed.

That led to everyone scrambling to get fast Dragster times to hunt for the 5.57 to show that Omnigamer's tests were correct and partly to spite TG who had a lot of members defend Todd's time while showing a lack of understanding on what a TAS is. The dispute has like 900+ posts on the TG website if you want to go lose some brain cells.
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Should I know who this 'Todd' person is?
I imagine Civ V any% is a piece of cake.
Where's an e- and it's been taken. I'd say most click and escape games are the easiest! You just point and click. All you really have to do is memorize where to click. Then again, check out minesweeper where you just have to get lucky with one click!

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