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Is it bad that I simply lack the motivation to grind one game? I started speedrunning with SMO, but that was before I started recording runs. Now I'm looking into SM64 a lot more than I thought I would, but I'm also practicing NSMBU on the side, with intentions to get into Odyssey again this summer with (hopefully) a capture card. In addition, I run smaller games when I finish (or before I start) SM64 runs. I also almost never do two runs in a night. I realize I'm just starting out, but am I biting off more than I can chew?

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No it isn't bad. I suffer from something similar. I start my runs with motivation, but that quickly disappears and i lose my motivation to continue the run, this usually happens in 10 minutes and it's a nightmare.

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Yeah, I do one run and its like "I PB'd, good night everyone." Sometimes I just get sick of it halfway through and barely put any effort into it lol

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Maybe because you didn't find the right game yet? Had this too with some games but with others not since some made way more fun than others. Just try out some different games and maybe youll find the right games.


I've tried several games. All suffer the same fate, I want to pick it up and learn, but I can only manage a handful of runs before I'm like "Screw this" And abandon the game. I used to speedrun a game last year and enjoyed it but then something personal happened and I just couldn't pick the game back up, it sucks because I still want to run it.

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I've never gotten far or beaten Super Mario 64 before, and now I'm interested in trying to learn the game. I guess I shall start by watching a few speedruns to get a general idea of how speedrunning the game is like.


Happens to a lot of runners, check the profiles a big portion of us have runs in over a dozen games, and those are only the runs we've submitted!


Thanks guys, I think I'm going to be dedicated to SM64 for a while though. SMO is definitely something I want to get back into, and I'm excited to try out NSMBU.

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It's something that will inevitably slow down your progress more and more as you climb the ranks with your current mindset.

PBing is only 'free' if your run still has lots of available timesave, once you get to the point where you actually need to be consistently playing well and not making mistakes in order to maintain pace, you're gonna find it increasingly difficult to get anywhere if you can't just force yourself to keep playing.

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maybe change it up a lot so one night run one game and the next time you run a game do another one and then you can always chop or chose and you might not feel so much fatigue 😊


@TheGreatToddman Yeah lol I looked at your profile and saw Tetris, I downloaded BizHawk and an emulator and started playing. I used to think I was good at Tetris lol
@Drakodan For sure, that's why I brought the problem to the forums to get suggestions. I've been changing my route up for SM64 almost every week lately lol but once I get a semi-permanent one (for those of you who know this game, I can't get cannonless yet) I'll start going hard on that.
@MelonSlice Thank you for the advice, I'll probably do that to be honest with you, run different categories as well.