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I recently bought a Nintendo brand dogbone NES controller.

I was disappointed in the quality of the d-pad, but I want to confirm that it is abnormal to have this issue.

If I am, for instance, pushing right, it takes only a little "rocking" of my thumb to make it register an "up" input, even though I am not pushing up. Just the normal gripping of the controller with my left hand will at times cause enough upward force on the d-pad to register "up".

Is this normal? I want to return the controller and try a different one if it is not. I know the above issue can be subjective, but what is your experience with this?

thanks in advance


Dogbones suck. The dpad while bigger than a brick controller, is fairly sensitive and loose in my experience. You can try and return it if you want and see if it's just a fluke, but it's probably the way the controller works normally.


bummer. I like the ergonomics of the dogbone more than the brick... Maybe I should just use an snes controller since I am using if for emulators on my laptop anyways. thanks.