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My friend has bet me that if I can get a WR in a game with at least 100 other competitors, he will buy me lunch. The run also has to be a full game run. For example, Super Mario 64, 0 Star and 120 Star would both work but an Individual Level run wouldn't. I need your guys' help looking for a game that follows those requirements. Thanks to all those who try to get me that free lunch.

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https://www.​speedrun.​com/games#sorting=activePlayers&direction_sort=on for games with the most active players.

https://www.​speedrun.​com/games#sorting=playerCount&direction_sort=on for games with the most number of players in general.

You can use either of those searches to find a game that meets your requirements. Good luck, because with that many competitors, it's going to take you a while to ever grind a game well enough for a WR, a lot of those games have very optimized times because of the amount of people who have run them over the years.


How much lunch are we talking here though? I feel like the amount of route-learning, grinding, and overall work and time that it would take wouldn't really be worth it for just one lunch.

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it not that easy... to get WR just Give Up. Speedrun need a heart to run a game not just only for a bet challenge....

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I suppose any game with 100+ runners will take you (rough guestimate) 1000+ hours of grinding, learning and perfecting to come close.

That better be on nice lunch, good luck 🙂

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You can look for an easy Game were the perfect time is not to hard to achieve and then you have a tied world record 🙂

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Do you have time to make 99 other SRC accounts?

*Credit for this doesn't go to me

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That Barney category doesn’t have 100 competitors so I’m not sure that would fit the requirements for this hopefully immaculate lunch.

But it did get me thinking about Dragster for 5.57. Game has over 100 competitors and with less time and practice than another more intricate game, tying the WR shouldn’t be too time consuming.


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the entire game has 227 user but yeah, i dunno if this would work


Thank You All So Much For Your Research And Inputs On The Subject, But I Think Witchakorn Is Right. A World Record Comes By Putting Your Heart Into A Game. So If I Ever Do Grind For A World Record, It Will Be Something I Really Care About.

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Nice! That U Think that way and just tell your friend that u dont need lunch anymore

Let Me Happy with Speedrun Myself XD

Every Games in The World that had speedrun is Consider Equal. nothing harder or Better
100+? Not a Thing when diffrent game & Genre is Diffrent Skill ETC.


Try Dragster, game is like 5 seconds long.