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A few years ago i picked up a ps2 game called Airblade, basically a mix between tony hawk and jet set radio, fell in love with the weird controls and silly cutscenes so i started running it and promptly got the records for it since the lack of players, but man that game has so much potential and just needs that one break to get a few more people to jump in.

Here's a single level run of the final, most linear level in airblade.

Do you have any games that you wish were more popular?
If so share a link and maybe we will get some players moving around.

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Well my obvious answer is the Battalion Wars games, simply because it's only really me actively running them, with a few others watching and showing interest in getting back to it.


SkyTime its a quick game and is like $1 🙂


I love the Ninety Nine Nights and Gears of War series which don't get run, but Gears of War is more popular of the two. There's also this game I broke and found skips and a tech for, Damnation. I've added the skips and strats for it in the guide, but no one else runs it. And right now uploaded an HD reupload of an OOB for one of the acts.


@HowlingSnail I was so close of buying Batallion wars for gamecube when i saw it at the store yesterday, i'm going to check a speedrun of it to see what it is like.
and to @6oliath, i feel like 36 runners is a pretty good amount of players for a game even if they aren't active anymore.


@Bemels It involves a lot of rolling. (Well, only like 5 levels. The rest is more interesting.)


Any Castlevania. People think they are popular, but they really aren't in comparison to other known series.

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Survival Kids I love them games even the gbc one has a few runners but just wish there was more runners theres more than meets the eye in the game. I JUST LOVE SURVIVAL KIDS OKAY!!!!!!!! Haha I mostly look for glitches but lost in blue is gonna be a super fun run but I am waiting to see if we can find a certain glitch or yeah something 🙂 any way I will end my love letter to survival kids and lib here xD

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Rugrats in Paris (N64, PS)

Speed game that purely test skill and movement ability. No major glitches!


The danganronpa series is a good one to speedrun. Sadly not much people speedruns it since it's long and realizes on remembering a lot of stuff but I fined it pretty fun and relaxing.

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Similar to cinnamonhunter, the ace attorney series also doesn't get a lot of runs for the same reason. If you like crime-solving visual novels you'd probably enjoy it.

Though i'd probably recommend the PaRappa The Rapper series. It's a series of rhythm games for playstation consoles and is kind of a weird rhythm game, but I enjoyed it. If you are going to run any game in the series, Parappa 2 is probably the best one, since it's a lot more forgiving with the timing than the first game.

Stage 4 on the first game is really stupid.


"The danganronpa series is a good one to speedrun."

Opinions DEFINITELY differ on this one. Same for any visual novel series, unfortunately.

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@Drakodan yeah tbh I don't like runs of visual novels but the thing that separates that from any other visual novel game is the class trials which can either kill or make your run. The class trials are basically the only reason I run it.

@Kid_Gamer well parappa the rapper doesn't sound bad. I should speedrun that soon.

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I actively follow ace attorney speedruns :3 good games

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Oh boy, Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (PS1) for sure, amazing game, very challenging and impressive to watch speedruns of it.


Definitely, "Puddle". Puzzle physics-based 2D game, shame that I'm alone...

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I Still love FireStriker (Snes). Got the game to under 20 minutes after a lot of pain and suffering but still would like to see more people try the fun 🙂 Thats why i got it to ESA but no luck 😃 Also The Flintstones: The Treasure of Sierra Bedrock deserves more love. So many good games that have no real fame 🙂

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