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I made a comeback into speedrun after 3 to 4 years of break. I wanted to become a moderator on Warlocked for gameboycolor, thank you.

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The answer is "ask the community for the game" but that game has only 1 run on its leaderboard, done by its only moderator. He might add you as one for the lulz if you ask but there's definitely no need for that game to have another mod.

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Actually there is many moderators on some games that don't have many runs.


@Leny Well sure but that doesn't mean there's any need for new moderators. In any case, if the current moderator(s) doesn't feel that there's any need for more moderators then they probably won't add you, simple as that.

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For games I mod but dont have runs on normally due to leaderboard changes over time like splits and the runs were lost etc or just I know lots about the game 🙂 just cuz u ask for mod don't expect to get it ^^


What do you mean why? I started watching speedruns when it wasn't a trend back in 2012-2014. Now everyone wants to become a moderator and a speedrunner. I need a good answer, not a plain "umm you can't". For the love of god..


Leny, forgive some of the. . . let's say members that use less social and intellectual skills. It's best to contact the moderator(s) of the game you are interested in. Moderators are required (to the best of my knowledge) to have social media linked as a way of communication so if the current Mod is inactive on the site, check their social media accounts.

In the extreme case that you can't reach them (example: I've posted in the game specific forum AND attempted to contact on social media and have had response in over a week or two) then refer to this link

Welcome back to the crew!

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Given that the game is not in need of a moderator, and that's a pretty decent reason in and of itself, I'm going to venture to say short of the current moderator making you a moderator upon your request to them specifically, that your chances of actually becoming a mod for that are incredibly low.

Full Moderators do not assign to new game moderators to a game just cause it was requested. They do assign new mods to games where mods go inactive. You can request that there: but I'd probably read the first post first. Also, probably not going to happen unless you have a pending run for the game.

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Nobody wants to be a moderator, unless you hate yourself.

I hate myself, so here I am

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Is there an official place where I can request to be a mod for a game?

And in the future, never necro a thread like this. Make a new one.

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Eh. It's kind of 50/50. It's either "holy shit what a necro!!" or it's "OMG THIS THREAD AGAIN?!?!?"

I've learned not to let either bother me so much. It's definitely noticeable when there's a long-range necro though (this one isn't even so bad - 8 months).


Can I mod myself back from a speedgame if I created the game and there are no other moderators? I tried unmoding myself to see what happens and now I can't put myself back


What did you think was going to happen lmao.

But no, you can’t. You need to contact a full mod to restore your mod status. They’ll verify against the logs that what you’re saying is true as well

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