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There's a game I'm working on that has random item drops, but if I use a probability density function based on the information given on the first stage (requires a calculator), I can calculate the most likely route in later stages. Is punching numbers into a calculator considered tool-assisted?

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I would certainly ask about it for whichever game you're thinking about, and you should definitely let the rest of the runners know about such a tool, but I wouldn't say so. It takes a bit of the R out of the RNG is all.


Tool assisted would be if you were using tools to make changes in the game itself. If the calculator isn't changing anything in-game and just helping you find a route, I would think that should be no problem. What if, say, you run an RPG and use notes to help you remember menus? Would that be tool assisted? The line gets drawn when the game itself is not being manipulated in almost any case I've seen.


That's about what I figured, but I'm kinda new to this (and kinda love it), so I'm not sure where these lines are drawn. I figured it's a question that a lot more people than I have, but I suppose I'll be the scapegoat who actually asks, lol. Thanks all!


honestly if you're literally punching shit into a calculator mid-run to improve your route that actually sounds kind of hilarious and cool

But no, it's not TAS. TAS has a very specific definition.

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fucking cheaters. yes it is, it's like doing a test, you cannot use your brain to do it making it a assistance. So i would say yes its TAS. and Yes. I am going to call your local school to reject your graduation and anything they have graded you on currently. sad world we live in...

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Well darn anyone who uses a timer mid-run is cheating too RIP everybody.

More seriously- I would draw the line at a tool telling you what to do. A calculator or spreadsheet (or notes) to track HP, help remember routes or determine what RNG seed you're on? That's fair game. A solver telling you what to do? At that point, you'd basically be a proxy for the tool playing the game. (word games come to mind for this) A sokoban solver, however, would be a route planning tool and would be fine- the player still has to learn the route. For a calculator or spreadsheet, the player still has to interpret the results and determine what to do next.

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Tool-Assisted usually means stuff like turbo, macros, save states, and so forth. Anything that allows you to achieve something in-game that any human cannot possibly achieve.

Otherwise you might as well call using a pen + paper to note down HP so you can tally total HP count a TAS too. Kappa


For anyone still paying attention to this thread, the video for the run in question is here:


Tool assisted means the inputs themselves were performed by a programs function. Peripheral tools such as chairs, clothes, monitors, etc. don't perform any input to the game.