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Forum: SM64: Ocarina of Time

Thread: escape% is not fun

Started by: SioNSioN

Your profile picture is a toad so your opinion doesn't count sorry

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Forum: Super Releasio 64

Thread: 120 Star is possible but... How?

Started by: OxwaaOxwaa

(edited: )

Are you suggesting we remove a category of the game because it is too long and you are not able to do it for a free WR? Also your invite expired AlsOb

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Forum: Super Releasio 64

Thread: What happened to 34 star?

Started by: PoefredPoefred

the pointless categories got deleted that made no sense in terms of completion, like you didnt need mips for 16 star or the door and DDD for 31 star. The collection of random stars should not equal a category unless it has a point so the current categories stay with 1 star under misc

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Forum: Star Revenge 3: Mario on An Saoire 64

Thread: Timing

Started by: Luvbaseball58Luvbaseball58

Timing for 36 and 1 star is always on star grab


Forum: SM64 Sapphire

Thread: gay

Started by: BIG_NIGBIG_NIG

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Bogus all the time
Never get caught

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Forum: Pink Gold Peach 64

Thread: is this allowed

Started by: Xein64Xein64

No this is definitely not allowed, replacing any stars outside of the main level is against the rules and defeats the entire point of the category. Thanks for pointing this out


Forum: Star Revenge 5: Neo Blue Realm

Thread: What happened?

Started by: defqon_Jandefqon_Jan

The runner (fokoro) has said he is quitting speedrunning so he deleted the pbs he had, better run can be seen here if you are interested in that star:


Forum: Star Revenge 5: Neo Blue Realm

Thread: Easy route for 31 star?

Started by: ArtismScrubArtismScrub

There is a route which does not do MP skip (skip to bowser 1 fight) and gets the reds in the main level, im sure if you look at the runs in lower places you can find it 😛


Forum: Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition

Thread: Date of release

Started by: SpacemanSpaceman

Can somebody change the the date this game came out on the leaderboards to Dec 25th 2012 instead of Jan 1st?


Forum: SM64: Last Impact

Thread: Official timing method sucks

Started by: SpacemanSpaceman

Ok, I understand the part about stopping the timer after credits, but I don't think kaze should get to say when the run begins (at file select). That's like if shigeru miyamoto decided that all SM64 speedruns started when entering the castle


Forum: SM64: Last Impact

Thread: Official timing method sucks

Started by: SpacemanSpaceman

why do we not start timer on reset? the intro is part of the game too, you know. Also no other rom hack starts on file select, or after the credits

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