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Thread: New catagory for legacy collection.

Started by: G3G3

I would be interested in running this too.

On the topic of categories, may I ask why Any% for PS2 and PS3 have their own leaderboards but PS2/3 share a leaderboard for 100%?


Forum: Rez

Thread: VR

Started by: SoulGuitaristSoulGuitarist

So I learned PSVR can actually be used with this game. Obviously allows for MUCH faster movement.

Is it possible if we could get a "Used PSVR" option during submission (or maybe separate categories since I doubt people will spend $200 for a VR to run this game?)


Forum: Rez

Thread: Categories + Update

Started by: SoulGuitaristSoulGuitarist

Thank you @stefeende ! I'll submit some runs soon!

Also, I tested area5 to see if 98% shotdown would activate hard mode for the final boss rush and Eden. It turns out it does so 98% shotdown is required in all areas for HARD route.


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Thread: A few questions from a new player!

Started by: SoulGuitaristSoulGuitarist

Hi! I'm SoulGuitarist!

I've been a fan of the Trauma Center games for a long time and saw the co-op NEW BLOOD run on AGDQ and was amazed this series could be ran so I want to try to start run into Trauma Center series as well! With that being said, I have a few questions and would be very grateful if I could have some answers!

-In which order are the games easiest to hardest to run? I know each one has difficulties but which one should a new player who is new to speedrunning the games start out with and build up to the harder ones? I'm quite interested in UTK2 and Second Opinion.

-How much time is saved owning a JP cart/disc for each game? Is it notable or would I be okay running on a US copy of the games for now?

-Are there particular strats and tricks that need explanation or are they straight forward where they could be understood by simply watching?

Many thanks! 🙂