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Please, can you moderate me?


Salut les fans ! 🙂
J'ai une conférence a faire sur le speedrun pour une convenions au mois de mai et je voudrais faire une speedrun d'un jeux qui est pas trop compliqué et qui peut se finir en 5 mins ou 7 mins grand max !
Vous auriez un jeux a me conseiller ? ^^
Merci d'avance :3

Hi to the fans!🙂
I have a conference to make on the speedrun for a convenions in May and I would like to make a speedrun of a game that is not too complicated and that can end in 5 mins or 7 mins max!
Do you have a game to advise me on?
Thank you in advance:3


People wish to be moderating to help me ? ^^


I would like to integrate these 2 games ( Astérix (SNES) " " and Asterix & Obelix Take On Caesar " " into this series ( )
How I can make?
Thank you ^^


Good question 😕
Please can you put moderator on the game ?


You so funny ! XD


XD vert good troll ! 🙂
this game can not be done in speedrun ...
try to find a site that offers a score
what you do is not called speedrun but "scoring" ...


Perfect troll guys ! XD
Nice job ! XD


Any% all gens ? 😛

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Okey TY ! 🙂


Bonjour tout le monde ! ^^
Je voulais savoir, cela fait pas mal de temps que l'icône avec l’enveloppe et sur le site mais que c'est toujours en développement 😕
Quelqu'un serrait me dire quand le service de messages sur le site serras disponibles ?
Merci d'avance 🙂

Hello everybody! ^^
I wanted to know, it has been quite a lot of time since the icon with the envelope and on the site but that it is always in development 😕
Somebody squeezed to tell me when the service of messages on the site squeezed available?
Thank you in advance 🙂

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Ho ok 😕
Thanks 😕


Safety everybody ! 🙂
I plan to make a speedrun in 100 % of Kingdom Hearts 2 on PS2 and I would like to know if I could have your Split to compare with mine to know if I forgot nothing.
Thank you in advance ^^


Hello guys ! 🙂
Forgive I but if I can allow myself games and so taken out on XBOX 360 and DS.
Furthermore I think that you can put in consoles also Wii U because this console can read the games Wii, games and so taken out on the eShop of Wii U 🙂
Good day and good one run! 😃


yep ^^


Pourquoi c'est toi qui répond alors que c'est Galaxsinger le modo ? ...
Bref, tu a moyen de le contacter ?


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