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Thread: Discord link broken

Started by: CoralCoral

It works fine for me. What is the issue?


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Thread: Show Controller Configuration

Started by: KiyanTBPKiyanTBP

This is also accessible through Developer Mode, hit F2 and press "Show Controller".
However make sure that Developer Mode is disabled for fullgame runs.


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Thread: I am having difficulty downloading 0.5.1 whilst also having 0.6.2

Started by: nickpierce88nickpierce88

Sorry for the late reply.
The wizard doesn't let you have both an 0.5.x and an 0.6.x version as it simply tries to update the current version that is on your computer.

The most common way for runners to play both versions is to uninstall the game and re-install in the other version everytime you want to switch.

What I use is an application called "PortableApps" that lets you download portable versions of many apps (browsers, games, etc.).
That's how I have both 0.5.1 and 0.6.2: 0.5.1 directly in my PC apps and 0.6.2 through PortableApps.
I can't access other versions than the latest through PortableApps though, so I still uninstall 0.5.1 when I want to run 0.6.0.


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Thread: Big tux with small hitbox glitch (for 0.4.0)

Started by: SnoozSnooz

(edited: )

Since this glitch has only been seen on 0.4.0, which is a version that's not fit for the boards, I'm removing namesnipes' guide on this glitch.

However the video is unlisted, so I'm keeping it in this thread for documentation.

"Basically, you go in to the level Frosted Fields and get to the pit you see in the video. All you have to do is be in the pit while you take damage and it works.

Probably works in other stages"


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Thread: Upgrades categories removed

Started by: SnoozSnooz

Hello fellow Atomas runners,
I decided to remove Upgrades categories because of the following reasons:
- The upgrade restrictions make it both confusing for the runners and difficult to verify
- Some categories are too close to make a real difference (For example Bromine is number 35 and Krypton is number 36)
- It's polluting the boards as it adds a LOT of categories

Sorry for the few runners who had an Upgardes run on the board.


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Thread: Minimum coins%?

Started by: ElectricoytElectricoyt

There already are discussions about a category called "low%" where the player beats the world with every level finished with 0 coins, 0 badguys and 0 secrets.
In 0.5.x Icy Island it's possible to do so, except of course for the Yeti who counts as 1 badguy.

In other worlds or versions it doesn't seem possible, so another way to look at it is that players can take the amount of collectibles they want and they will be ranked in ascending number of collectibles taken (and by quickest time for a same number).

Either way, for the category to exist, a devoted runner has to do a run of it ^^
I've been planning to run low% Icy Island 0.5.1 for a long time but I have other projects right now, so if you're willing to do the first low% run, here are some tips:

1) Dying resets the collectibles count. Low% relies almost entirely on dying to checkpoints, that means that you actually need to collect a lot of coins (dolls are useful) before a checkpoint to be able to respawn at the checkpoint.
2) Powerups are allowed because they're not counted. However, they're only useful (speaking for 0.5.1) to damage boost across enemies you can't avoid.
3) Some enemies, of whom are mostly bouncy snowballs, kill themselves in the void. You then need to be fast enough to make it despawn before it dies.

That's all I guess ^^ I've worked a lot on low% so if you need advice ask me here or on Discord.


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Thread: Help

Started by: MariinMariin

(edited: )

It's a very precise trick:
1) Tux needs to touch a cube with his feet prefectly aligned with the cube's eyes.
if you're too low, you'll die. If you're too high, you'll step on it. It's very precise.
2) If you don't press Action while doing that, it will be an ICK (instant cube kick). You need to press Action before landing on the cube and not let it go to actually grab it: that's the ICG
3) ICGs are mostly used in ILs because of how inconsistent they are. However, (in 0.5.1 at least) there are setups in some levels which make it easy to ICG. The easiest one is "The Escape" from 0.5.1, you just need to keep running and fall on the cube. Here's the video:


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Thread: Request to be Mod

Started by: SnoozSnooz

Alright, I understand your position. Thank you for reading my application and responding to it 🙂


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Thread: Request to be Mod

Started by: SnoozSnooz

For those who don't know who me, let me introduce myself:
I'm Snooz, a french speedrunner who is running ST (v0.5.1) since April 2020. I currently hold a WR for Bonus Island I Any% and have done a run for most of the 30 levels of Icy Island. I plan on running a bunch of categories of this game.
I'm passionated about SuperTux, I've been playing it for years, and it's my very first speedgame. ^^

I'm creating this thread to ask the moderation team if I could join them. I do it here because I think it's better that the community can see my suggestions, and idk maybe it's better to have the approval of all the current (active) mods.
The reason why I'd like to be mod is because I want to contribute to make the SuperTux section look more clean/complete, so it's more accessible for newcomers (I might gather some people in this community :b). I'm kind of a perfectionist, so I'm willing to treat all the little details. ^^

Here are my suggestions for now:
- Update old guides (for instance: the "Super great community Supertux secret finder" guide has not been touched since 4 years, and it's barely been started)
- Change IL names when needed to be the exact same as in the game (capitalization, etc...)
- Make a new 0.1.x category, and adding ILs for it (that would replace the messy Misc category "Any% Story Mode, v0.1.3")
- Make a new 0.3.x category, and adding ILs for it
- Add a new Bonus Island IV subcategory for 0.6.x
- Put Haloween Island as a subcategory, with the other worlds
- Add a new Incubator Island subcategory for 0.4/5.x and 0.6.x, as it is an in-game contrib world
- Change "Antartica" category's name to "Icy Island" as "Antartica" is very inaccurate to designate the main world

I'd really love to do these changes myself if you let me, and contributing to polish the ST boards. 🙂
If you don't agree with certain of the suggestions above, just let me know. As a new mod I wouldn't go all crazy and do big changes on the boards all by myself. ^^
I could also verify IL runs as they use IGT, but I'd stay away from timing full runs as long as there are other mods, more experienced with timing, willing to do it themselves.

I hope you can accept my request 🙂


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Thread: Is there a way to improve in hold-right levels?

Started by: BlackBreathXBlackBreathX

(edited: )

Hi, sorry for the late reply.
I'm speedrunning ST since April. I did quite a lot of v0.5.1 ILs, and here is what I've experienced about how to "boost", which is getting displaced/teleported on the right, saving about 0.01 to 0.05s. (it's useful in every ILs, not only the hold-right levels)

There are two ways to boost:
- Rubbing Tux on the corner of blocks (this works up and down, by jumping just under an edge or falling just over an edge)
- Stepping on the right of an enemy (the more right you hit it, and the more falling speed you have, the wider the displacement is likely to be)
Note that stepping on an enemy is usually the most efficient way to boost.

You might want to find the route with the most boosts and get a reasonable amount of them if you go for an IL WR.
If a boost is decently wide, it'll be indeed visually noticeable. I recommend looking at the current WR of these levels:
- "The Journey Begins" (this level has been optimized to the point where there are plenty of boosts thoughout the whole level)

- "End of the Tunnel" (it has a nice "stair slide" at 16s into the run which combines several displacements at the same time, in this case 2)

I hope this can help. 😉
I'm not the most informed on this subject so if there's something missing or wrong feel free to respond on the thread. 🙂

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