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Thread: Game Addition still broken?

Started by: VettisVettis

Lol this guy above me. If I wanted to know more about the latest apps that I won't use I would use a suspicious site with "iphone-emojis-on-android". Nothing to do with games at all.


Forum: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle - Category Extensions

Thread: New Sonic Speedrunning Community Discord Server

Started by: DrakodanDrakodan

Needs to be updated thanks to new-new discord server 🙃


Forum: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Thread: SPaDeS Tools problem

Started by: bluetiger002bluetiger002

Hmm ...
This likely doesn't have anything to do with it but are you on Windows 7 ?

(I only got Steam version after I switched computers so it may be your computer then)


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Thread: I made a BIG Mistake

Started by: ItsYaBoiGoozmaItsYaBoiGoozma

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I got extremely good RNG and got my first sub 20 seconds ever in Wild Canyon (Sonic Adventure 2).

I was recording the wrong scene on OBS so I couldn't continue the run and had to start all over again.

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Forum: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Thread: SPaDeS Tools problem

Started by: bluetiger002bluetiger002

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Are you playing using the Steam version ?
I used to have this problem too when I used to use a cracked version and since I've used the actual Steam version it worked for me.


Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: What timer to buy?

Started by: JustAnotherCatMemeJustAnotherCatMeme

I'm posting this in case anyone else is still needing for an answer. What I did back when I had no laptop was I bought the full version for FramePerfect, downloaded DU Recorder app and I then downloaded an app that allows you to see the camera anywhere on your phone, I forgot what the app was called though. My phone allowed me to display two apps at once which was nice so i could use the timer along with the camera.

I couldn't use the camera app itself since it stops working if you focus on another app.
This is an example of a run where I used my phone to speedrun !
Hopes this helps anyone in the future ^-^


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Thread: Livesplit Noob Question

Started by: JackEsterJackEster

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If you try to put your livesplit hotkeys so that if you press the Start/Split hotkey & the Pause hotkey (let's say you both put them to "Numpad 3"), you would start a run like normally. You split, it does split. It does not pause.

So using a method like that would not be possible. Another thing you could do is, right click Livesplit, Edit Layout, and add the Detailled Timer. Save layout, thenput both hotkeys to two keys next to each other (let's say Numpad 1 for splitting and Numpad 2 for pausing). Also, disable Double Tap Prevention.

When you want to split and right after the timer shouldn't be running, what you can do is press Numpad 1 and then right after Numpad 2. You would see that you split and then pause the timer, you'll get around 0.05 - 0.15 which you can see on livesplit. You could then check back after a PB and remove the loading time afterwords, which, depending on the length of the game, will likely be a result of one to two seconds removed off of the final time.

This isn't a very practical option but if you don't know how to make an autosplitter yourself you don't have much of a choice ! I don't have much experience making autosplitters so I can't really help with that.

Good luck with your future speedruns ! Oh, and welcome to speedrun.com ! ^-^


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Thread: Want to start speedrunning a game nobody has ever done.

Started by: ZyraxxZyraxx

The moderator for the game seems to have been inactive since November 8th last year so you should post in this thread to get moderator access: https://www.speedrun.com/The_Site/thread/63nr7
Further good luck with speedrunning the game!
Also fix the title when you get mod lol.

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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

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Heyy so a game (Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA) I somewhat used to run (although when I have my laptop back I'll be running it full on again, which is this week, yay!) has a little problem. At some point I deleted my old account along with all my old runs (user 15587) so I lost moderation on that game, which didn't really bother me.

But now, when submitting an old run from September (because it's the only run of mine that actually has video atm because, again deleted old account with all my runs - including video. Except one but that's a different story ty demolition for backup lol), it turns out that Joe's account was lost. So basically, the game is left with no moderators. A little annoying because, well, yeah. So I wanted to ask if I could have moderator (I have more than enough knowledge of this game honestly so) OR if in general someone else can have moderator to that game?

Thanks in advance!

(Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA, again) https://www.speedrun.com/dkc2gba

Small proof I used to run the game: User 15587 on Mario & Luigi Dream Team has multiple guides which wasn't deleted, and I'm associated with that account and my current account does have a run there, I guess. Currently a run waiting for approval for dkc2gba, in the guides you do have a guide again with the user 15587. I guess you could link the two and this way check it's me, I guess? Unless you also have databases and such from old stuff lol.

Rant rant rant.


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Thread: Why are you here?

Started by: chryoyochryoyo

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"oh my gerd i wanna try speed running", says the 15-year-old back-then Catly. ------- And this is when I realize my both my ex gf and my ex bf contributed to my usernames lol. Back to on-topic.
"let's be CatlyNat oh my GERDDDDD", she says before signing up on Twitch. She sets up OBS Classic, plays Super Mario World. "oh my gerdddddddddd i got a 13:06!!!!!!! i'm so proud :DDDDDDDDDD"

Then she realized she had a problem. "HOW DO I MAKE IT KNOWN??!!!!!!!!!!!!&1111111741111111§§§§§§))))))""""
She goes on Google. "Super Mario World speedruns."

:ooooooo "speedrun.com"!!!!!!!!! She clicks on the site. https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​smw
"i haveta register NOW!!"
So I registered. August 8th 2015, CatlyNat.
And oh boy have I grown up a lot since I first registered. From CatlyNat to CatlyPaws, eventually to Amy and then Angela, both times I had to stop using those names for incredibly private and personal reasons, and............ Wait. Fuck. I explained the story of CatlyNat's account. After I had to change names from Angela, I was pretty much forced to just delete everything I could delete and lay low (no seriously it was bad and I really can't explain), and that means I deleted all my runs and posts made by CatlyNat. Also I was feeling really bad during those times so that also led me to this. Eventually I came back. (Note: like, a week after deleting everything) I didn't say who I used to be, except some people knew. I stopped talking to the people I had to avoid for a while (I did come back to those people because it provides me with important emotional support that I need, at the moment I could not live without said people, and I learned to be better at anonymity I guess) and blahblahblah I became Fencypo. I joined because, well, this site was important to me.

Boring version:
Story of my account before it was deleted: Because I needed a place to submit my times.
Story of my current and probably last account: Because I like this site.

This probably went too off-topic but whatever lol.

edit: lol i refound the post through google, searching up catlypaw

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Thread: Game request rejected for being "overly generic".

Started by: ImaproshamanImaproshaman

While I'm not a mod or anything myself, when I watched pieces of your runs that I found on YouTube and yeah I can understand that the mods would reject the game for being overly generic. I had a super similar game with an IGT but at the same time it was a completely different game than what you played. I forgot what the game was called, it was pre-installed on the phone I got it with (HTC One if anyone cares). Only difference was the textures and, well, different levels. Oh and if there's a tight space between two black holes you could go between them, which you didn't attempt to go for in your run when sometimes -- if possible -- it could have been useful.

Nothing else to add I guess lol. Just wanted to throw my two cents.


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Thread: Explicit games?

Started by: Jai_Heart

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I've seen a Hunie Pop run uncensored and see, you know, explicit areas. Although that was over a year ago so I don't know if those runs are still around.


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Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

(edited: )

So it appears for me that some pages have a white background while others have the main site theme, while I set it that every page on the site has my own profile layout. Few pages actually keep my own layout. Earlier today I didn't get the main speedrun.com site theme, so I'm not sure why I'm suddenly getting it now. Any idea as to why this happens?

Edit: Apparently the site theme was set back to "main" after changing my username. The white background is still a problem though!


Forum: NeonBall

Thread: NeonBall Speedruns now live

Started by: ValmerixValmerix

Change the url to /neonball because I wrote /neonball and it didn't work. :bup:


Forum: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Thread: Issue with Hard Any%

Started by: Jedi_ChillaJedi_Chilla

Warps are allowed. Probably a mistake on the moderators' side.