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Forum: Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)

Thread: Hamster

Started by: emptysysemptysys

ngl this is getting old lol


Forum: Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)

Thread: Priest

Started by: dna423dna423

this game is so cool


Forum: Dora the Explorer: Dora's World Adventure

Thread: REJECTED TAS By CatlyNat

Started by: Bluely

It probably doesn't, but I can check it out. There was one part where changing the lane upwards actually lags the game for a single frame (from Russia to China car segment), so there is that random, small optimization.- LOL this thread was made by Bluely. Hi o/

I looked and it seems that there is not a single speed up when changing the lane. You can truly do nothing except for not moving upwards from Russia to China. Sorry for late reply lol, I didn't have this game followed so I never checked back.


Forum: Cats are Liquid - A Light in the Shadows

Thread: Discord Server!

Started by: GellyGelly

Because there's a dot in the link. Otherwise it works. https:/​/​discord.​gg/​QfDtjRZ


Forum: Talk

Thread: Any Anime Fans Here?

Started by: PB_SpeedrunsPB_Speedruns

I don't like any TV Series, I don't like any anime but one, and thus I basically watch nothing of TV related stuff, movies included.
The only anime, or any series, that will forever hold a special place in my heart is Dragon Ball. 🙃

(I actually have a tab open on a fanfiction of Dragon Ball about "what if Goku fell down Snake Way and met his family down there (Raditz, Gine & Bardock; of course he already "knows" Raditz at that point)", currently at about chapter 15 in the Namek Saga, pretty decent fanfic with a couple grammar & spelling mistakes sadly, and over 300 words I have written down as "words I have never heard of OR words that I know what it means, but can't explain it in my own words" (most words fell under the first category, the fanfic uses a lot of ... strange words. But if it helps me improve my English vocabulary, then whatever lol.)

Fanfics aside, I always found Dragon Ball to be stupid and for weirdos until one day, I decided I wanted to watch it when I randomly came across a trailer for a DB game (probably raging blasts 2) a few years ago. I watched 7 episodes the first day, the second day I watched about 30+ episodes. Guess I was really captivated by it. I've never managed a day where I watched 30+ episodes again since then, but I quickly loved it and now I love Dragon Ball a lot lol. Fast forward a few years, having watched both dub and sub of all 4 DB (except DBS dubbed) (and no DBZK), plus of course having seen DBZA many times, plus literally reading fanfic less than an hour ago. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that I love the anime.

I also tried to watch Kiniro Mosaic because ayaya. yeah... I don't think I'll be into other animes any time soon, but of what I watched it was nice I guess. Just don't want to force myself to watch the rest (only watched 3 episodes), this style of anime is definitely not for me. I also tried watching Pokémon back before I was into DBZ, but couldn't make it past ep 10.

On another note, DBZ has helped me improve my English a lot. Also this is a long post, bye now 🙃

TL;DR favourite anime is Dragon Ball as a whole
(Also DB > DBZ > DBS > DBGT, not going to rank DBZA because it is a parody and also 20 years after DBZ was released, giving them an unfair advantage, though the comedy is usually pure gold; if I had to rank it, though, I'd put it between DB and DBZ. Nothing, absolutely nothing will ever beat original DB.)


Forum: Completithon

Thread: Questions

Started by: SloaTheDemonSloaTheDemon

(edited: )

Why is there no invite link to the discord server? That would probably help make it easier to find.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: How to downgrade RL San Andreas to 1.0

Started by: nide__nide__

In addition, if for some reason Rockstarnexus Downgrader does not work, go to the Dropbox link (bottom of post) and download "newsteam r2 - EU" version, simply put that into the root of the folder (should be located at C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas).

Copy the entire game to some other folder (for example GTASA in Documents), then use the downgrader on the copied folder.

After that, you can simply upgrade to "1.01 - EU (no-DVD)" version and everything will work!
Also, you can now mod the game, if it's 1.0. So if you want to mod, copy the new, downgraded folder and copy it to a folder named, for example, "GTASA Modded", and copy "1.0 - EU (no-DVD)" version there.
This so that you don't have to set everything up again in case you want to speedrun the game. (I have folders "GTASA Speedrun" and "GTASA Mod", for reference)

Sorry for triple post. Speedrun.com is broken 🙃


Forum: The Site

Thread: Subcategories

Started by: Lighnat0rLighnat0r


Edit game -> Variables -> edit a variable -> Use as subcategory


Forum: Talk

Thread: What is your best/favourite speedrunning achievement

Started by: JulzJulz

Sub 17 minutes in DKC3 "Water%" (now known as "Beat Krematoa") was one of the best times I've had. Problem was I didn't record it and had yuri hentai as my livesplit background. (I also hate hentai/porn now so it's even more disgusting to me lol)

I eventually beat it on January 1st 2017 @2am my time lol

My other achievement I'd consider "great achievement" is (accidentally) finding the first ever "Walk through Walls" glitch in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (ended up being useless as better spots were found), and getting the first ever sub quarter day/6 hours run. WR is now sub 5 hours with only one new glitch (that saves about two minutes), so my run was bad, but still the first ever sub quarter day run :]

Also had the first ever sub 8 hours (new clips saved ~30 minutes, maybe more) and first ever sub 7 hours (same route as the sub 6 hour run), but both were without video evidence sadly. Sub 6 hours has video evidence, so that's cool.

And my best achievement as of yet: I broke my 3DS charger during a glitchless run by stepping onto it. This eventually lead to me breaking my 3DS. And that's why I don't run MLDT anymore.


Forum: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Thread: 100 percent category

Started by: MasaG77MasaG77


I guess this means all categories must be removed now, because even with Emulators shown, there aren't 12 runners for any of these categories. @SanicbiscuitSanicbiscuit

And no, it's not impossible at add a category with just a single run. Actually, all categories always start with zero runs. However, I agree that no category should be added if there is only one single run (with exceptions not applicable to this game). If there is more than one, then there could be discussion.


Forum: Dora the Explorer: Dora's World Adventure

Thread: REJECTED TAS By CatlyNat

Started by: Bluely

(edited: )

I'll post this here because the previous videos was deleted. (I'm CatlyNat, lot's has happened that caused me to change usernames so many times lol)

This version is modified at the end so that it has a better comparison to RTA timing. Ends input on the last A press required to reach the "We did it!" screen asap.

This is the exact same TAS as the TASVideos.org submission, and with inputs after the last required input, this TAS beats the RTA World Record by ~13 seconds. It was never rejected for not beating the RTA world record.

The TAS could maybe be improved by a frame or two, I don't care enough to look into it lol.


Forum: Talk

Thread: What is the best pokemon?

Started by: DracaarysDracaarys

Taillow! Because I liked my Taillow when I played Pokémon Ruby, and I refuse to evolve any Taillows I'll get 🙃

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Forum: The Site

Thread: What about games with multiple names?

Started by: DdariQDdariQ

This is something that would be nice to see implemented. For example, with Kirby's Return to Dream Land, the PAL name is Kirby's Adventure Wii. When I would talk about KAW, people were thinking I was talking about Kirby's Adventure for the NES on WiiVC, while I kept saying I'm talking about the Wii game KAW. As a kid, you'd be left wondering "why is there no KAW on this site? All other kirby games are here!!", and this would cause a lot of confusion.

Granted I do always say KRtDL now instead of KAW.

Originally posted by HowDenKingJapanese names are restricted to staff tho as people didn't understand that you had to actually put japanese in there and not just garbled stuff.

If that's actually the reason, that's kind of stupid. I feel like most people would understand to put the actual Japanese title in Japanese, as long as there's a JP version.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Re-timing a run frame by frame offline

Started by: drippingdripping

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60fps does indeed mean a frame is 0.01666... or 0.0167 rounded up, while 30fps means a frame is 0.0333... or 0.033 seconds.
Personally I recommend using this site to calculate time:

You can also put in fractions for the frames, so if you were to need the exact time of a run on GBA (this is mostly useful during TASing), you can put in 59.7275 frames if you need that kind of precise number. Generally though you'll just type in 60fps for most of the stuff, or 30fps.

Edit: you still have to convert the frames to milliseconds apparently with the frame calculator, so just take the final two digits, and that multiplied by 0.016 or 0.033. Or, if you have something like 48 fps for example, you can do: 1 / 48 * 23 = 0.479 (in the case of if you have 23 frames in the end).

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Re-timing a run frame by frame offline

Started by: drippingdripping

I personally use VirtualDub; select on the correct frame where you want the marker to start, and where to end, like the post above, and then in one of the tabs you trim video selection and you move the cursor all the way to the end and you'll have your time. Works for me.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

Just to confirm that Chuckorita's problems are legit, as loading their Forum Posts page quite literally results in an empty page; https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Chuckorita/​allposts
"This page isn’t working www.​speedrun.​com is currently unable to handle this request.

Anywho, another bug is that if you have far too many miscellaneous categories. Taking Super Metroid Hacks page into account:

The top-most category is only shown when I zoom out by, well, a lot. At 100% zoom, the second category is shown, but the first category is only shwon at 33% and onward. Note that I can only zoom out to 25% and that nothing is readable. Game page:

This is probably going to need to be fixed, as no user would want to zoom out by 33% just to see the first category. This won't happen often because not many games have that many categories, but it's still annoying.

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Forum: Talk

Thread: FrankerFaceZ iMessage App!

Started by: mylogonmylogon



Forum: Talk

Thread: Looking for advice

Started by: [Deleted user]

Originally posted by cutenicethen why did you?

(Hoping I did the quoting correctly)
Because this way, if Dracaarys sees it, they are reminded they shouldn't post. Imagine going to all topics and being like "yeah I don't know." If no one is reminding them they shouldn't say that and they continue making dumb posts, that's spam.

Telling someone that it's better to not say anything if you have no experience is NOT spam.
Saying "Yeah, I don't know, sorry, gl" is spam.

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