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Thread: A new game to glitch hunt

Started by: GhostHNWGhostHNW

So are you searching for a game to speedrun or glitch hunt? Because if the latter, time technically shouldn't matter. I was going to say Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, because if you find a timesaving glitch there... You'd be going down history as a legend for that game. Though that game doesn't fit the criteria at all. But, I mean... My question still stands. The criteria does not work for glitch hunting, but your title suggests you're looking for a game to glitch hunt.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: What is the least interesting run you've attempted?

Started by: O.D.W.O.D.W.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team -- "Glitchless Crash%".
Okay, so, a crash is a glitch, but you can not use glitches to crash the game. This is basically "do the Glitchless speedrun until you reach this point then perform this obscure crash".

The category as long as the Any%, and Any% is 4 hours long. (My sum of best is a 3:56:2x and my PB is a 4:04:40)
You basically have to reach Mount Pajamaja, get Side Drill, then go to Mushrise Park and Side Drill into the camera block. It crashes the game and the speedrun ends.

I have done this speedrun twice, the first time was on a Chinese translation ROM hack and the second time was on my PAL cartridge.

I also have done a single speedrun of "Glitched Glitchless Crash%", where you effectively do the exact crash from Glitchless Crash% but you're allowed to use glitches. That turns the run from 4 hours long to 2 hours long, lol.

I have an idea for an even more obscure category though, now... "Glitchless Battle Crash%".
Basically, you have to crash the game without the use of glitches, but the crash must happen within a battle. And what known ways are there to crash the game in battles?
That's right! The final boss, as soon as he dies! Basically, as soon as the final boss' head's HP reaches zero, his arms' stats completely unload (I checked through watching the RAM Values with CTRPF). If you try to attack something that doesn't exist, the game crashes.

There is an attack, called Bye-Bye Cannon, which attacks 12 times. First, 6 times, and if the enemy that is attacked within the first 6 hits dies, it then targets another enemy for another 6 hits. If it doesn't die, it just continues attacking the selected enemy.

Maybe you'll see where I'm going with this... But... If you kill the final boss' head within the first 6 hits, the game tries to have you attack the arms. Wait a minute... The arms don't have stats! Beep boop, the game crashed!

"Glitchless Battle Crash%" would be ~6-7 minutes shorter than Glitchless. The explanation for the crash turned out to be more interesting than I thought, though, lol. Maybe the runs aren't that uninteresting...? I might actually do this ridiculous category. lol

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Thread: is this glitch known

Started by: the_stuipid33the_stuipid33

Can... We know what the glitch was? Original post was deleted. Curiousity kills a cat, so I'd like to see it lol

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Thread: Mishandled

Started by: Nsp004Nsp004

@Nsp004Nsp004 Just out of curiousity, did he reply? If so, what did he say?

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Thread: Missing Mod

Started by: BeckPhillipsBeckPhillips


Or you know, just run it without submitting to leaderboards. Not everything has to be added to a leaderboard.

While I would normally agree, this does not help. If he then ends up wanting to submit an Any% run and the mod can't be contacted, a thread would have been created regardless, as he created a thread for contacting a mod. he didn't say they can't run the category. For all who knows, he already did a run or two on the category and is curious about adding a category. There is no evidence of him not having done a run.

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Thread: Missing county for the UK

Started by: EyeballSweatEyeballSweat

(edited: )


Best to put this here: https://www.speedrun.com/the_site/thread/g79jt/101

If the staff reads it, this would be a good idea. But do they?

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Forum: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Thread: Sonic Adventure 2 site theme for speedrun.com

Started by: Jonaszulski25Jonaszulski25

(edited: )

You'd have to ask this to the site moderators or, if possible, apply this site theme to your own profile and then use that as a site theme. I don't know how that would work now, but I remember there used to be a way.

Edit: https://www.speedrun.com/the_site/thread/uow84
I provided an answer there, for those who are finding this thread. 🙂


Forum: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Thread: Skip Discovery Info

Started by: PB_SpeedrunsPB_Speedruns

I would also highly recommend joining the SA2B Discord Server: https://discord.gg/G4R3f9n


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Thread: Your favorite jrpgs to run

Started by: KenshinLewdKenshinLewd

Don't know if this counts as a JRPG, but the one I enjoy the most personally is Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The current world record is 4:04:40 (by me! lol) and can go down to 3:56 with a perfect run with current glitches (my sum of best is 3:56:22, can probably go down to 3:55:xx). There are a lot of glitches past the one hour mark (none before it), some of which you can softlock (and I have softlocked quite a few times... Including PB-pace runs at the end).

Unfortunately, as fun as this game is to run for me, I would also not recommend it (even though I would LOVE if people beat my time and got sub 4 hours). It's a lot of mashing and the RNG makes it stupid to run. The glitches can be hard but it's not too bad, I enjoy doing the glitches. The problem with RNG is that due to how underlevelled in the game (After 1:15 into the run, you only have two bosses that give EXP) you are, even with Easy Mode, the final boss can absolutely wreck you. It has happened that the game took away a PB of mine simply because the final boss didn't want to cooperate. No PB is definitive until you get past the final boss -- before there was a better, more reliable route for the final boss, it has happened before that I was an hour ahead and I lost all time, causing me to lose PB. It's what set me off to find a more consistent route to defeat him quickly, actually, lol.

But regardless, I still love to run this game. I enjoy it a lot, lol.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Unpopular Opinion: Splicing is not cheating.

Started by: sneakypsneakyp


but in my opinion, speedrunning is about how quickly a game theoretically could be beaten and is not about showing off your skill.

Soooo... A TAS.
http://tasvideos.org/ is a cool site. Ya should check it out, if you are not a troll. TASes beat games as fast as it [i]theoretically[/i] could be beaten. If you want to find out more about what a TAS is, visit the site. And please don't go trolling there too.

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Forum: Donkey Kong Country (GBA)

Thread: Can you speedrun on the palette restoration patch

Started by: dna423dna423

Non-troll message: not in support, as we don't know what the hack affects aside the graphics. Maybe it has glitches in it that isn't possible on vanilla DKCGBA. Probably not, but ya never know! Maybe loading times is faster. Seems like a terrible idea to allow people to speedrun on a patch like this.

Knowing you two though, these are probably troll messages lol.


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Thread: Submitted speedrun not in pending actions

Started by: Winter_DoggoWinter_Doggo

Happened to me before trying to submit an old run, very relatable lol


Forum: Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)

Thread: Where is Yotto Gargapa

Started by: emptysysemptysys

Mojang has a Minecraft forum? Huh. Guess you learn something new every day.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: lewisandsparklewisandspark

(edited: )

I have requested this before, am requesting it again and do not wish to create a forum thread for a request that should be simple:

Is any moderator able to remove "JoeTheRapper" as a moderator from the game "Donkey Kong Country 2 (GBA)"? He had lost his account and had created a new account "Joe_", which is where all his runs currently are (except for 2 runs in the DKC GBA series that weren't converted to his new account). At this point in time, I don't think he'd care to return to the old account and would likely just prefer keeping his current account, and it has always bothered me that there is a super moderator that isn't being used.

TL;DR - Remove @JoeTheRapperJoeTheRapper as a moderator from https://www.speedrun.com/dkc2gba . @Joe_Joe_ will not use the old account anymore and it would be easier for a full mod to remove the account as a moderator than for him to try to gain access just to get rid of his moderation status.



Forum: Multiple Donkey Kong Games


Started by: Joe_Joe_

legendary. but you guys ignored my post. 😕


Forum: Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)

Thread: Public Service Announcement

Started by: dna423dna423

on a serious note, congrats on moderator 🙂


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Question about Super Mario World - when you are in water, how do you spin Mario's cape while keeping hold of a shell

Started by: extremelyhonestjoeextremelyhonestjoe

On SNES, while holding the Y button you press the X button, or hold the X button and press the Y button.
On GBA I guess you can try holding the B button and press the R button or whatever the spin jump button is?


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Thread: Water% Super Mario 64

Started by: Potato101Potato101

Two things.
One: you should probably post this in the SM64 (Category Extensions) forum,
two: hey look, Water% but literally water. Hold on, I want to do a run of this.

Ten minutes later:

Context: DKC3 used to have a category called "Water%", which used the cheat code "WATER" to get all 85 B! Coins, and your goal is to beat the 8th world as fast as possible (WR is 15:03 I think). I just took SM64's version of Water% and applied it here, not counting overworld water. 🙂


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Thread: Can I speedrun a game I don't have experience with?

Started by: MajorGamerMajorGamer

Even if you die a lot, if you're trying to go as fast as possible in general, it should qualify. Your primary goal is to reach the end goal in as little time as possible, right? If you're actively trying to achieve that goal in a playthrough, no matter how slow, it should qualify, in my opinion.

Of course if you're actively trying then you will not be getting a time of 10 hours in a game in which below 10 minutes is the norm for intermediate and/or beginner players.


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Thread: What is your Favorite speed game to play/watch

Started by: femsterfemster

Favourite to play: either Sonic Adventure 2: Battle or Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It generally depends on my mood lol.

Favourite to watch: probably Sonic Adventure 2.

Favourite to watch (TAS): definitely SA2B.

Favourite to TAS: either SA2B or Donkey Kong Country 2: GBA. The former is a lot more difficult to TAS (optimally) than the latter, though, so it depends on whether I want a a challenge or not lol.

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