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Forum: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Thread: yo

Started by: TethysTethys

Oh no, this game is turning into Donkey Kong Country 3 GBA. Run, everyone!


Forum: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Thread: Regarding save deletion on DC

Started by: JathoMJathoM

Although 180 Emblems has DC as its own boards, it would technically matter for DC, since it's RTA. Unless we are still going to retime runs under 12 hours (which I understand we probably won't do). But then of course, like I said, DC is its own board there, so maybe it doesn't really matter because you're not comparing to the other runs lol.


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Thread: Whats your favorite game?

Started by: Kai.Kai.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team as it is the game that taught me to not get pissed off at video games. Oh and I have dreamt about two Luigis making out on Pi'illo Island after clipping out of bounds. Am I obsessed with Dream Team? I don't know, but that dream was WEIRD.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Dumbest Run Rejection Reasons!

Started by: PB_SpeedrunsPB_Speedruns

@Act7Act7 That happened to me once and after getting a bit mad at the moderator they verified the run. I find it infuriating whenever that happens to me because I really like to submit all my PBs for the history and whatnot. Mods, don't do that, please.

Anyway, one thing that annoyed me the most is when I once submitted a run of Mario & Luigi Dream Team "Glitchless". It was rejected for not having full video. While yes I was told that I must submit full video, I lost footage of a 2 minute part of the run because I accidentally stopped recording while trying to restart stream, so I decided I won't bother looking into uploading a FULL 30 hour long run -- with like 14 hours of those being AFK time.

But what I find the most ridiculous is the fact that there are runs without video that were also verified after my run. Who cares about me not including my AFK time when it's 20 hours behind WR and there were runs verified after that that had no video at all?

Because of this incident I decided that I will keep stream on whenever I go sleep during a longer run, so my next long af run with sleep was accepted because I was able to submit full footage (even though it was through mega.nz lol). On the bright side, none of my runs include sleep anymore, so you dont have 7 hours of nothingness anymore 🙂

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Am i the only one who has had a run destroyed by something unrelated to the game?

Started by: snowhippo27snowhippo27

1. during my first ever Mario & Luigi Dream Team Glitchless speedrun back in 2015, I accidentally stepped on my charger. I couldn't finish the run because I realized my 3DS was going to die before I could have the chance to finish it. This eventually led to me destroying my 3DS charging port. Was not able to play the game on my own free will for 4 years 🙁

2. during my last ever Mario & Luigi Dream Team run when I was still living in Belgium, I broke my headset because IIRC it fell somehow or something fell on it I forgot. This was very annoying and then I lost a minute to RNG later, which likely wouldnt have happened cuz I'd have entered the battle at a different time had my headset not broken. It was my best ever run EVER, even to this day after a full month of grinding since coming back.

None of this would matter however, as we were told to pay or f* off by some people, and since someone went knocking on our door during the run I lost like a bunch of minutes. PB was impossible no matter what, which is sad because it was my literal best run ever.

We moved out a week later and the internet was the worst ever. Couldn't stream at all and even if I could, didn't have the time because I lived in a caravan with bunch of dogs and my mother. I moved out to France in June and came back to running the game last September. After about 30 attempts, I had not a single run that was as good as my last run in Belgium. I did improve my PB but 40 minutes but that's only because of a new skip that was found last month lol. I had one run that was a minute behind and got God RNG in the battle where I got crap RNG in the good run, so I did get a run that was ahead of my run from last time. But that's only because of good execution and God RNG. Plus that run died in the final boss due to rng anyway lol


Forum: Bloons Tower Defense 5

Thread: Any% Rank idea

Started by: Fireball5939Fireball5939

I believe this is a more interesting category idea: https://www.speedrun.com/btd5/thread/gt6w3

It's the same, except reach rank 60 and beat the final map.


Forum: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Thread: Moving Block Clipping Glitch

Started by: Rathora535Rathora535

When capture card arrives I can try to replicate the glitch in case the original poster doesn't want their own video to be public for some reason. I remember what the glitch was, shouldn't be too hard. Either way it was useless anyway.


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Thread: What is the most time you spent on speedrunning a *single* game?

Started by: Oreo321Oreo321

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The game I speedran the most is Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

~70 hours for my first playthrough back in July 2013.
~50 hours for my second playthrough sometime after.
~150 hours into learning the game and glitch hunting back in December 2015.
~25 hours spent doing a segmented All Bosses speedrun.
~7 hours spent on my first speedrun, which reset at Pi'illodium because I got pissed off.
~8 hours spent on my first finished speedrun (on January 15th 2016 iirc) which was half an hour faster than my last run.

I shortly after did a Glitchless attempt, but after 5 hours I broke my charger. I realized I wouldn't be able to finish the run. I stopped there and didn't play the game at all until 2017.

2017: probably about 100 hours of playing the game altogether using my brother's 2DS I stole (he eventually got it back). I was so desperate to play the game I took his 3DS, yes.

In 2019 I bought a new O2DS. I have used this 2DS since then, and basically all my playtime on that was spent on something speedrun related. So looking at my Activity Log app:

583 hours on European version
6 hours on the Demo version
94 hours on the Japanese version
1 hour on the Korean version?
51 hours on the USA version? (Both Korean and USA have the same game name so that makes it hard to tell)

Added up together gives me 735 hours on this 2DS alone. Combined with my speedrunning related time before, that's 735+295 = 1030 hours for speedrunning this game. Plus my casual playtime, that's 1150 hours spent playing the game in total. Pretty neat if you ask me.

I also spent ~800 hours speedrunning Sonic Adventure 2 and at least ~200 hours speedrunning Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA. 🙂

Oh yeah and if we count TASing, I have spent at least 200 hours in SA2B and 200 hours in DKC2GBA respectively. I still suck at TASing SA2B though lol

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Thread: Dream Discussion

Started by: BulletsBullets

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I often dream about being in my school. Like, at least 25% of my dreams that I remember involve the school I was at last and, in some form, my former crush that attended that school.

And I rarely ever dream about my current crush. Huh.


Forum: Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)

Thread: Everything you need to know about dead discords

Started by: SnodecaSnodeca

What the actual fuck you can not be serious

ok fine i'm deleting the dkc3 channel


Forum: The Site

Thread: Man can't i just edit my speedrun?

Started by: swordsawayswordsaway

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I can't edit my post to fix the mistake I made with quoting. Good bug. I can edit this post though.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Man can't i just edit my speedrun?

Started by: swordsawayswordsaway

Originally posted by "Your account needs to be 7 days old before you are allowed to edit submissions."
I'm sorry, what...? So you can submit runs but not edit your own runs when your account is new? That sounds ridiculously stupid.


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Thread: Don't Click this

Started by: KendKend

Jokes on you. I clicked outside the link, used inspect element to find the URL to this page, and copy & pasted it into my URL Bar. I didn't click it. And I'm not liking this. I am hungry.


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Thread: i'm heading to school

Started by: Not_important4546Not_important4546

I fking love maths and this is a reason why i regret dropping out because math was COOooOOooOOoOOoooOOooOOooooOOooOOOOoooOOL

My girlfriend who's a genius at math offers me to teach math sometimes though :]


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: My Speedrun channel

Started by: Ranboo

Speedrun is one word

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Forum: Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Thread: ils?

Started by: [Deleted user]

Excuse the off topicness, but... Did you just delete your profile...?