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Thanks to everyone who is backing me here, glad to see justice 👍


Here is a video showing that the new wr suspiciously gains WAY more speed than everyone else in the game.

I suspect they used cheat engine (like 1.1x speed) and then put the game soundtrack on the recording. (This is very obvious just by the first part of the run where he gets to the corner faster than me by a large amount even though we are doing the almost the exact same movements..


You can do it my way by getting to the end of the intermediate stage and then doing a platform jump on top of the lobby, or you can finish the hard section and then go on top from the end of hard. Good Luck!

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Much love man, this was one of my favorite games to mess around and speedrun 🙂 ❤️


Please check the current wr held by "Reshi" he started his timer .2-.3 seconds late (He didn't do it from his first movement)
Thank you!

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Whenever I join it says it needs another player and I just fall out of the world...


At what time do you do mp_restartgame 1? Could you like describe what you are doing?


is there a way to make the runs there obsolete, or just move them to a sub category for runs that aren't possible anymore? Unless you can manage to find a new working (consistant) setup


I have been trying to do the skip for about 30 minutes and nothing seems to be happening. I think a recent game update has made the glitch not possible anymore 🙁

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I counted to current record and it is 7 sec, please retime them, since they counted from the time they touched the stairs


As title says ^
Add in a new category that requires you to hit all of the checkpoints with no teleports ❤️


Would it be cool if I could be added as a moderator for this game? Thnx for reading 😛


Could you add more? NoJump% would be a cool one to run 😃

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