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I went ahead and split the categories, since the justification seems strong enough.


I added the category, I may shuffle it around to find the best place to fit it.


Seems like a good justification to me. What does everyone else think?


Just need to know what version, I can add the leaderboard after that.


Could you add this under the guides section as well?

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I'd just switch to Gens 9.5 or Fusion. If your emulator is doing that it's probably not accurate.


I use Wolverine's headbutt because it causes knockback, and hit multiple targets. If your really having trouble you can get enemies to spawn on the same side most of the time. When you see an enemy spawn on the map, run towards the door and it will close. The enemies will then respawn on the other side. Hope this helps.


I've wondered why the variants of a category are not kept under the same tab. I.E 1 character tab with Luigi, Mario, button etc.Seems like it would consolidate quite a bit. I've also wondered why no 1 character All levels boards don't exist. Maybe not enough interest?

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Ok, not sure where to post this but, I figured here. Just curious if there is anyone out there that takes requests for creating TAS runs, or possibly a place for this?


Just a thought that might make verification a bit easier. It would also make it easy to recreate situations etc found in the game on a specific emulator or build.

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Ok, so I know there is a checkbox to declare whether a run is done on an emulator or not. My question is - should we make it a rule that the particular emulator and build be posted along with the run itself?

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Requesting to be upgraded to Super Mod for Marvel Super Heroes War of the Gems ( ) so that I may add another moderator. The current, and only Super Mod does not seem to be active, and cannot be contacted through his Youtube account. I've tried Steam as well, no response yet.

Edit: I should also not that he hasn't been on active on the site for at least 1 month.


After a bit more research the mod's (gilgatex) Twitch/Youtube/Twitter accounts have indeed been deleted. The user's other runs link to videos that are unavailable. I'm not sure if this person will be returning to this site. (


Requesting mod for X-Men Reign of Apocalypse ( ). The lone mod hasn't been active for 1 month. His/Her Twitch/Youtube/Twitter accounts all seem to have been deleted. Maybe they are just incredibly hard to find.


Yes, the PC version got released way way when. I was just wondering if it should be a subcategory considering the obvious time save. Once I get something going that looks like an actual speedrun, I'll calculate how much time it saves in comparison to console.


Should PC be considered it's own category? I've been learning this on PC, and the loads are much faster than console.


Requesting to become a moderator for Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar. I've tried contacting the two current mods several times and they have not responded, even though they are active on SRC/Twitch. It seems as though this game is going unmonitored.


I forgot to post my availability when I submitted, so I'll do it here 8am -12pm JST 3pm-8pm JST. Both my games are 4:3 as well.

edit: I can be available earlier or later if needed.

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Not really sure yet, I'll have to feel it out a bit more. I wanted to gather some opinions on it first.


I would like to request that "PSN download" and "3DS E-Shop" be added as a platforms. The reason for this being that just like Wii/VC digital downloads from these two can effect load times, making them faster than the carts/disks.


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