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I do apologize, and I'm guessing a lot of you probably saw this coming, the Kings of 64 Marathon that was planned for the 24th- 26th of august is unfortunately cancelled. Thank you everyone who made an effort to help out for this project, submitted games, or supported it in any other way. Maybe in the future someone else will pick up this idea of an "N64 Speedrun Marathon".

I made an effort to contact all the runners on twitch as well so hopefully by the time this thread is published people should mostly already know what is going on.

I apologize for any inconvenience this causes anyone here. If you have any questions regarding Kings of 64 please DM via twitter at @sluckyseven or feel free to post to this thread here.

Deeply Sorry,
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Made a slight mistake there. Crackerbean's run isn't for South Park Rally, just for South Park Any%. Had the wrong game listed.
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Please fill out this form if you are a Runner to let us know what times you will be available for the Marathon!
First off, thanks for all the submissions! The gameslist looks really solid!

This weekend I will have a form to fill out availability for the marathon so I can get working on the schedule. I will contact the runners when I have that up.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the gameslist please leave a reply here.

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kruskader: After the games list is posted. Runners will be asked to submit an availability form of some sort.

oddtom: Like length of the actual submission? Not really. Part of the marathon idea is to accept runs you might not see in other marathons, if you're worried about length being an issue don't worry about it. If you mean when are runs no longer being accepted, submissions close on July 15th.

silo_simon: Up to you. No worries though we can remove it when we go over submissions on the 15th.
Alright, added the option to submit Emulator runs with the following ruling:

"Emulators are banned from having an official time due to inconsistencies with lag. Runs on emu can still be added but will be hidden by default and not considered official. It is recommend that while learning the game you obtain official hardware to compete on the leaderboards."
I would be more than happy to add an emu leaderboard. it's been sort of in the talks before but there were very very few runs and no one actively doing emu runs. I'll have them up either tonight or tomorrow! Also, I highly recommend checking out our discord if you have an interest running this game. I like to think we have a pretty cool community
Come check out the discord! We have resources and are more than willing to help new runners.
Basically, any for of VC is fine as long as it's the N64 version. Aka, a PS1 version of an N64 game would not be accepted.
Literally submit your favorite categories. For games that are more popular, less common categories may be a little more likely to get in.
Where: Online Marathon being run by the NASA tech crew.

When: Weekend of August 25th.

Submissions: Open Now! Submissions will close July 15th. Games list will be posted July 20th with the final Schedule being posted August 1st.

If you have questions, comments, concerns or would like to volunteer to help please contact me either here or on twitter (@SluckySeven)
Perhaps I missed something by why would you not finish Ganon at the end of an All Shrines run?
Just requesting to have my runs (Bomberman 64 / Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness) split up by a few hours to allow me to prepare for each one individually.

Thank you,
Yo this is sick. Glad someone took and interest in NASA.
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I'd love to see a legit run of Powerless. As far as "meme" runs, Throwing Star Only would be fun lol
Would like to know if anyone has interest to Commentate Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness and Bomberman 64. If you do have interest then let me know.
I have an interest in commenting on Quest 64 - JP All Spirits by Bingchang, Jump Jet Rex by PvtCb, and Castlevania (NES) by Komrade
Runs older than like I think a year had their VOD urls changed. I'll let tomtron, lively, fbm know and see if we can try to fix em
Might be a little late on this but I could bring 2 different retro capture cards [Elgato Video Capture / Dazzle DVC100], a set of gamecube/N64 S-Video Cables, 3 N64 consoles [2 NTSC that play JP and one PAL], along with a rather large amount of HDMI Cables. I also own a 50ft LAN cable that might be useful. I do own other consoles but I figured this equipment might be more of interest.
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