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Thread: Proposal to list PhotN Richter runs in main category boards

Started by: 3snow_p7im3snow_p7im

*Touch screen is one thing, but imagine you wire up a real controller with a blade dash button.

If Photn is played on Android and connected to a Ps4 or X-Box Controller the Dash Button etc will be removed anyway and your able to play just normal beside the different Menu.

And it seems its just the same Version which is on Ps4



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Thread: SNES VS. Android

Started by: SlozhSlozh

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Just asking how similiar is the version in he Playstore to the Orignial Snes Version?

Are glitches stll working?


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Thread: hi i want learn the game

Started by: kashanich13_37kashanich13_37

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Guess thats not bullying he´s just trying to say that you act a little naiv by thinking..." I´ll start the Game ....Give it a few trys and then of course i own the WR cause im the Best Player in World even if i didnt played the Game at all " but not thinking about the hard work behind running a Game.

I just can recommend the same i do Follow that Game in the Leaderboards prepare yourself, read the Forum, play just normal , learn the Routes ! And i dont mean learn the excat way to walk. You need to get a felling first what you are doing otherwise you just perform movements you learned from other people but you will get it you still cant play the Game. Lets talk in a Few Weeks - Month - up to years depends on you effort and skill 😉 Just saying that i finish that Game almost with no effort on DON and still not thinking about running it 😛 But Hey im a a Sloth 😛

Now Happy Running


Forum: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Thread: PSXJin + Can't Save On Memorycards

Started by: ayomatt01ayomatt01

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I daily use PsxJin and faced that Problem too.
My Solution is:
If you wanna keep the SaveFile
Go into the Game (with the SaveFile)
Make sure you dont have Savestates.
Then inside the Game. Go to a Saveroom and open the Memory Card File Manager.
Format it and Save normally with the Save Room.
Now your good.
I whould recommend to use Select + Start now to Enter the Main Menu
Now you should see the Savefile.
Load it and Save in Heart Room Select Save Game / Dont Overwrite / Select 2 Slot.
Go Back to the Main Menu by Start Select . Now you can delete the first Slot of the Mem Card.
Make a Save State and now even if everything crashes ( or you delete you whole Mem card for any other reasons)
The Savestate will still have the Clearfile if you load that State. ( If formating is not fixing it manually delete the Folder of the Emu)


Forum: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Thread: Categories for just 1st castle/bad ending?

Started by: JustLeeBelmontJustLeeBelmont

Äh maybe a dumm Question but what is SRC ? I searched that up but didnt found anything. Is it some leaderboard or what? Just know speedrunslive beside that site here.