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Forum: Chrono Trigger

Thread: SNES VS. Android

Started by: SlozhSlozh

Just asking how similiar is the version in he Playstore to the Orignial Snes Version?

Are glitches stll working?


Forum: The Darkness II

Thread: hi i want learn the game

Started by: kashanich13_37kashanich13_37

Guess thats not bullying he´s just trying to say that you act a little naiv by thinking..." I´ll start the Game ....Give it a few trys and then of course i own the WR cause im the Best Player in World even if i didnt played the Game at all " but not thinking about the hard work behind running a Game.

I just can recommend the same i do Follow that Game in the Leaderboards prepare yourself, read the Forum, play just normal , learn the Routes ! And i dont mean learn the excat way to walk. You need to get a felling first what you are doing otherwise you just perform movements you learned from other people but you will get it you still cant play the Game. Lets talk in a Few Weeks - Month - up to years depends on you effort and skill 😉 Just saying that i finish that Game almost with no effort on DON and still not thinking about running it 😛 But Hey im a a Sloth 😛

Now Happy Running


Forum: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Thread: PSXJin + Can't Save On Memorycards

Started by: ayomatt01ayomatt01

I daily use PsxJin and faced that Problem too.
My Solution is:
If you wanna keep the SaveFile
Go into the Game (with the SaveFile)
Make sure you dont have Savestates.
Then inside the Game. Go to a Saveroom and open the Memory Card File Manager.
Format it and Save normally with the Save Room.
Now your good.
I whould recommend to use Select + Start now to Enter the Main Menu
Now you should see the Savefile.
Load it and Save in Heart Room Select Save Game / Dont Overwrite / Select 2 Slot.
Go Back to the Main Menu by Start Select . Now you can delete the first Slot of the Mem Card.
Make a Save State and now even if everything crashes ( or you delete you whole Mem card for any other reasons)
The Savestate will still have the Clearfile if you load that State. ( If formating is not fixing it manually delete the Folder of the Emu)


Forum: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Thread: Categories for just 1st castle/bad ending?

Started by: JustLeeBelmontJustLeeBelmont

Äh maybe a dumm Question but what is SRC ? I searched that up but didnt found anything. Is it some leaderboard or what? Just know speedrunslive beside that site here.