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Started by: bangerrabangerra

I'm not going to be able to run Takeshi's Challenge


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Started by: PlanksPlanks

Experience as an attendee (arriving, checking in, venue, cleanliness, etc),

+/-Although not as close as Skövde would have been for me, seeing how I just moved there, it wasn't too bad, 2:30 drive with car (since I'm not one to break the speed limits unless there's a game). Although gas is expensive in sweden, and so are trains and busses.

Checking in
+ No problems, didn't even have to show my ticket.

- Looked like a flea market, not really optimal
+ However, the area was big and open, with lots of space
- but barely any chairs.

+ I probably had one of the better experiences in the hotel, seeing how I booked my hotel in january, so it was really cheap, and the room was big, I also used some scandic friend points.
- People were loud
+ One of the ladies in the front desk flirted with me
- I didn't pick up on it until after I left.

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Thread: Lanyards

Started by: EdenalEdenal



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Thread: Game Submissions and Schedule

Started by: bangerrabangerra

Oh, I'm also available the entire event


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Started by: oasizoasiz

I'll bring game and n64 for me and thiefbug, I have S-video


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Thread: Mass housing

Started by: EdenalEdenal

Is it possible to pay for mass housing on site? And unrelated question to this thread, can I bring my own TV to the practice room?


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Thread: Game Submissions and Rules

Started by: flickyflicky

my estimated time for takeshi should be lowered to 8 minutes instead of 11, I missclicked when I filled it in 😃