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Thread: 149 Star Removal

Started by: SkudfuddleSkudfuddle

I still don't understand why 149 star exists. It was created when the star removed was an RNG wall; but since then a trick was found to greatly reduce the RNG. This said, the category isn't justified. The 150 star time beats the 149 star time by over an hour. 149 star is pointless and should be removed -- the only reason it exists is the excuse of "it's in miscellaneous " and to "preserve the runs". It looks poor on the community to have a category that adds nothing of substance to the game and community.


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Thread: Team Warpless [Stream Team]

Started by: StixsrStixsr

Seems like it could be fun.

Games: Spyro/Crash games, Ratchet Deadlocked
Schedule: Nearly everyday 3pm CST - 4:30 CST, and a bunch of random streams whenever


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Thread: Nacho

Started by: ZeeeZeee

Afternoon/Evening respectively, Nacho & Zecora.
After reading over the mod request thread, this forum, as well as just talking to Nacho; I think I understand a majority of the situation. As for the run verification time being too long, I do get that, sometimes Nacho is busy -- I do admit that Azn and myself have been inactive due to school. Our school year is coming to a close, so Finals and AP tests have been a huge time sink. You are completely correct in your statement that Nacho has become the sole mod, sadly, and that shouldn't be the case. Azn and I should be crazy active when the month turns to June, where free time will be abundant again. I'm completely for another runner or two that have been running the game for a decent amount of time to be added as mods.
However, in this case, the beginning of your request seemed unprofessional - the claim that you contacted Nacho (even though he didn't get it, YouTube is wonky), but you didn't contact myself or Azn. Since that you've appeared to change your approach to your request. I have no issue with you being added as a mod as long as you act as you did from the second half of your proposal.
We'll wait for Azn to chime in before we do add you, if that's the verdict.

P.S. Sorry for coming off as kinda rude, wasn't my intent.


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Thread: StarTropics Leaderboards?

Started by: ChampionOfWhatChampionOfWhat

If you go to the Games tab, to the right there is a Request Game button.
I learned this today, that's be the solution 😛


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Thread: Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed Leaderboards.?

Started by: SkudfuddleSkudfuddle

I was looking at various series of games that are both on the site and games that I own. I came across this game in my possession, so I checked the leaderboards outta curiosity. It does not exist. If I may ask; can we add it or shall it remain voided.?