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Forum: Minecraft In a Nutshell

Thread: Looking for mods.

Started by: SklitterbeerSklitterbeer

aight closing requests


Forum: Minecraft In a Nutshell

Thread: Looking for mods.

Started by: SklitterbeerSklitterbeer

I dont really care about mc speedruns anymore, if anyone wants to take it over message me on discord or twitter


Forum: Minecraft In a Nutshell

Thread: help

Started by: frenchfrench

Sorry for the late reply, you need to make copies of the original map and then delete the ones you use when you are running.


Forum: Pitman / Catrap

Thread: New category

Started by: thaisrollthaisroll

Hello, please send a run to my twitter or discord (im not active on here lol) of this category and we'll consider adding it. Thank you!

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Forum: Seterra

Thread: Question for drawing tablet

Started by: SklitterbeerSklitterbeer

Hey guys, would using a drawing tablet fall under website or touch web? Thanks

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Forum: Shadow Fight 2

Thread: New Categories

Started by: DallasDallas

If you submit a run and specify what the rules would be I'll be happy to look over it


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: SpeedRuns on PS4

Started by: WebHead1998WebHead1998

Get a split timer for your PC, like livesplit. Also, a way to record your gameplay will probably be necessary for necessary for verification. If you see it in the rules, you can either get a capture card setup or use an external camera to record (make sure the gameplay is visible though, best way to do this is to make the room darker). Once you have your setup, you can look at some videos on youtube on how to find games to run and how to actually go about it. Good luck!


Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: Supporting loadless times on the leaderboard

Started by: VikeMKVikeMK

Is it really that difficult to make an autosplitter for this game? This solution seems a bit far-fetched,,


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: 16 star speedrun

Started by: Gylmaz84Gylmaz84

No. you need 1.6


Forum: Super Smash Flash 2

Thread: Wr times

Started by: ChildSafetyStrapChildSafetyStrap

good call slippy I'd keep it like that as well


Forum: Super Mario SixtyFortnite

Thread: level leaderboard?

Started by: OzziemaneOzziemane

if there are runs, following vanilla rules, then I am all for it


Forum: Super Mario SixtyFortnite

Thread: level leaderboard?

Started by: OzziemaneOzziemane

not sure, as vanilla only allows console plays, but if you want to record some runs for it, following the old game's rules, then sure. we probably won't do single levels, but whole worlds.


Forum: The Site

Thread: mesage from the gamer land/ franci the gamer

Started by: TheGreatestRomanTheGreatestRoman

with all due respect, last time he's tried to pull this he said he was forgiven by kirk himself, but the only thing he could show for himself is a text convo where he only asked and got pardoned on certain terms (wait for a month then decide), which he didn't respect (by sending threats and spamming the forms). also, he's shown to be remorseless for his actions, holding grudges against people I know (HDK for example) and just generally being an unapologetic nutcase. he also did that forum raid (by himself), got nuked off twitch for a day, came back then immediately claimed affiliate. :facepalm:

link for reference:

So no, we don't want him on this site, he didn't change, and has used so many second chances in vain that we aren't ready to make this decision again. IF he respected the terms kirk posed (which were pretty reasonable, he'd let him in in a MONTH), then yes, I would trust him to uphold his bargains, but otherwise no, never has, never will, and that probably won't change, except if he did make an effort to since I voiced him a month or two back (which I don't assume).

Also say what you want that bro isn't 13 I've voiced him he's like 8-11

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: How do I stream a timer on twitch

Started by: [Deleted user]

what do you mean? you can use livesplit and add it to OBS via window capture, if that's what you meant.

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Forum: 2048

Thread: Why?

Started by: DzienDobry47DzienDobry47

are you serious? you didn't reject the time because it was faulty or sketchy but because the timing was wrong? well, I mean you usually just delete everything instead of dealing with them anyway, like in the discord, so ya kno

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Forum: Super Smash Flash 2

Thread: Updates to the game

Started by: siccriccsiccricc

I suggest using variables and placing old versions as "obsolete". (Maybe 1.0.x and 1.1.x? There weren't a lot of gameplay changes between each 1.0 version, so it would make sense to group them together) The big problem with allowing all versions is that we could get "stuck" on a version that has the best strats, but lags behind a lot with the new characters and content. To non-speedrunners, this doesn't make any sense and also looks weird if we play on old versions just to save time. Or, if we make a category for each version, it gets so cluttered and hard to manage that it isn't worth the trouble. There are seven mods as well, of which at least 3 are active, so it shouldn't be a hassle. En outre, with the updates to MMS in (Insane) classic mode, it is now a lot harder, which would mean old versions are faster. Along with the memory flushing update, 1.1 is the optimal speedrunning version since it doesn't lag, but if we fall behind, then nobody will play the harder difficulties since it's not a fair fight.

A way to implement this would either be variables, where we label all pre-1.1 versions accordingly and all post with 1.1.x and let runners set the version in their splits, or, if that doesn't/can't work (haven't tried it myself) sub categories are also fine. The game is still not through development, and until a final version is released, we just can't keep playing on all versions.

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Forum: Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap

Thread: Weird Categories?

Started by: SklitterbeerSklitterbeer

Hi. I wanted to ask why Glitched% has this name even though the only thing that's different from any% is the swim glitch. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Any% technically means everything goes. So I would say Any% no L+R and Any%. All Bosses is cool but there could also be a 100% category, even though I will probably not be able to do a run of it, since All Bosses is just adding more time to Any% while making it glitchless for some reason?
Sorry if I am being a noob here, but we are in an event called RNG and we are playing this game this week but I just needed some clarifications ^^

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Forum: Talk

Thread: Where does your profile picture come from?

Started by: SeydieSeydie

one server I was in was based on smash bros and required everyone to have a pfp of sad cat photoshopped with their main on top. Because I main toon link, this happened. I'm actually quite happy with it and don't want to change it, so it stayed. 😛

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