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Thread: Rules say I can use keyboard and I want to, but it's questionable...

Started by: CuragaCuraga

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If you get a 124 then it is already very commendable. It is actually quite unfair how much a real setup pushes your time after experiencing it first hand. I can not attest to how votes are handled in the discord and this is something that you need to take up with the people themselves if you feel up to it. But i can tell you, g3rdo who is also in our terranigma community also plays with a keyboard for years, so why would suddently arrive a problem when you start.


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Thread: Emulators still banned?

Started by: SkipsySkipsy

Hey everyone!
I'm curious as to if the rules given still apply since people have been working on emulators since forever and bizhawk/higan are still being developed and newer versions have been pushed out ever since. Is there still testing being done or is it just brushed off as "we want to keep our community small".
I 100% understand that less laggy runs would hurt the integrity of the speedrun and it is still the case where we can compare video footages and see evidence then of course, i would in no way advocate a change.


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Thread: Who let you submit my run?

Started by: [Deleted user]

I like the salt.