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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: nEW cATegORies

Started by: Odme_Odme_

Then make it clear, because the way you worded it you made it seem as if the mods decide. So in future posts please be more clear.

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Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: nEW cATegORies

Started by: Odme_Odme_

The community decides the categories, mods don't decide on which are allowed. So why should people stop talking and discussing about what should or should not be added?

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Forum: ESA 2017

Thread: ESA17 Bicycle Hire Thread + Q+A

Started by: PlanksPlanks

i have payed with paypal for reservation but beside paypal giving me the confirmation i haven't gotten the confirmation email from you guys. When i ordered the ticket it also took a couple of days, but since i heard it has been sold out i want to double check.


Forum: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Thread: Where's the leaderboard?

Started by: CptBrianCptBrian

i am looking into running this game as well, and i can understand why he wants his time's here but at the same time there is this whole community that helps and works together on that other site. So maybe give an option to add times here as well but just mainly use the DKC Wiki for everything else DKC related.

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Forum: Spider-Man (2000)

Thread: Is playing the PSX version on PS3 allowed?

Started by: FrealFreal

if i am correct, the ps3 runs on the stock speed while the ps2 runs the games faster. But i can be wrong off course.


Forum: The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie

Thread: co-op speedrun

Started by: Sixty-nlSixty-nl

I was thinking of doing a co-op speedrun with a friend, there are no specific rules for that are there. I am pretty new to the whole speedrunning and the experience i have with speedrunning is just among friends. So that's why i am asking.