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Thread: Silent Woods Skip/Glitch

Started by: etsonnyetsonny

Thanks for sharing oriHug

I don't know how to do it exactly, but it has happened to players before.


Forum: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Thread: How to do a big boost with Glide?

Started by: Big_MukmukBig_Mukmuk

More specifically, you can get boosts like that if you slide down a wall at great speed and reach its end.
It is required to have Sticky off since you have to make contact with the wall.
High framerates (>100fps) are not necessary, but help make it easier and more consistent.

The Hollow Trial uses it twice actually, once at ~4.6 and again at ~7.5
Both times the same pattern is used: falling into the bottom end of a wall while moving against it.
Glide is only to get airtime after the corner boost. Pressing Glide before the boost would be detremental, since it would cancel your falling speed which is needed for the corner boost.

So the inputs aren't conceptually difficult, you just press directional movement against the wall. The trick is to line it up through your earlier movement so you touch the wall at the correct location without having to slow down vertically or horizontally.


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Thread: Why is there no category for The Orb

Started by: herojoe12herojoe12

I'd have an Orb run recorded once there is a board for it