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Thread: How/Where did you get your username?

Started by: GuffGuff

"SioN" is short from "Silent Onion" by taking first two letters of the words and "Silent Onion" became a thing when i was playing YGOPRO in 2016 and saw someone with the name "Onion" playing and i just liked it but i didnt want to "copy" his name so i put "Silent" in front of it because im a quiet guy


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Thread: Emulation.

Started by: FaxiFaxi

many people do and there is no reason not to use one if you cant play it on console for somereason
also as i live in finland i have pal consoles so early consoles like my n64 cant even compare with the ntsc-u and ntsc-j consoles so the cheapest solution is to emulate of course i could buy an ntsc console which would cost like 50€ to 80€ (guess) and then shipping from where ever and if its outside of eu ill have to pay customs


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Thread: Muting Discord

Started by: AlexisDRAlexisDR

from what i understood with my tiny brain you want to be in a voice call while streaming but not having the voice call in the stream?


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Thread: Crackdown 3

Started by: Echo614Echo614

say this in the game's own forum


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Thread: Another Guy :)

Started by: LuxiAaLuxiAa

if the quality is good enough and that you can hear the game it doesnt matter if you record with a phone or something
but of course you should ask the mods the minimum requirements if you want to be sure


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Thread: Intro to the community

Started by: KarusdaedlynKarusdaedlyn

some games accept FCEUX, the accepted emulators should be in the rules of the category but if they are not ask either in the communitys own discord or in the game forums

for a timer you want livesplit

and for any other useful recourses you can find here -> https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​resources (livesplit download can be found there)

and you cant really make a submission for a category that doesnt exist but you can always ask the games moderators if they would like to add the category for the game and then if they do add it you can submit your run there

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Thread: Is there a way I can record my screen without a capture card?

Started by: PikaPower8PikaPower8

if by "screen" you mean pc/laptop you dont need a capture card you just need to get a recording software but if you meant console gameplay do what Timmiluvs said


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Thread: Need help for choosing capture card

Started by: SauceDallas93SauceDallas93

ive got the AVerMedia LGX (not sold anymore to my knowledge but the LGX2 is still sold) and it does hdmi and component recording with very low latency (1080p 60fps at max) i bought it for 150€ at the time and ive been really happy with it. my friend bought the LGX2 and he has been happy with that.

also from my friend's experience i wouldnt recommend the elgato, my friend constantly had problems with it.
sometimes it just refused to show the video or audio. of course he might have just been unlucky but keep that in mind 😛


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Thread: Rejecting slow runs

Started by: 12_Kelvin12_Kelvin

im kinda confused now
did you submit a run that was rejected for "being slow" or did you just randomly think of this?

but yeah the run doesnt have to be fast to be a speedrun


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Thread: Livesplit on recorded videos?

Started by: Zopolis4Zopolis4

video editor is what you are looking for


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Thread: Mobile Speedrunning

Started by: santibosantibo



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Thread: A moderator deleted my runs

Started by: LPSdynamiksiLPSdynamiksi

who would cheat in a run by passing the controller to a friend?? :DD


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Thread: obs recording file size

Started by: SioNSioN

oh jesus christ what why is it that high
now i feel fucking stupid for not seeing a stupid zero


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Thread: Best Video Game Soundtracks?

Started by: LuckyChuChuandAngeloLuckyChuChuandAngelo

ape escape 1 has best ost
and either "coral cave" or "crumbling castle" being my favorite