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Thread: Searching for a composite capture card

Started by: SioNSioN

yes the screenshot if from amazon its just that anything shipped outside of eu(especially america) will have stupidly high shipping costs


Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: Searching for a composite capture card

Started by: SioNSioN

yeah i want to get a new composite capture card since my (magical) easycap is not working and is very bad and the composite to hdmi converter i use currently is super bad and stuff like that.

GV-USB2 is out of the question see pic -->


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Thread: a

Started by: luizNOBluizNOB



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Thread: hello

Started by: Edu_1224Edu_1224

nice job
welcome to the site


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Thread: Have you ever broke ur reset button?

Started by: consoleplayercenturyconsoleplayercentury

i think its a skill to only break one button on a keyboard

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Thread: How to show timer in Streamlabs OBS when it's on second monitor

Started by: RaidTheFridgeRaidTheFridge

maybe it was too simple for people to bother telling about it online >:)


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Thread: An online game you've played the longest ever ?

Started by: lienhevansulienhevansu

a habbo hotel clone called Prohotelli (that was taken down sometime ago) for 4 years maybe


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Thread: Isolation

Started by: [Deleted user]

i did what i used to do


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Thread: Stupid Amount Of Views In A Week

Started by: ElimsElims

cool people are finding your videos


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Thread: I like speedrunning, but I feel like since I was forced to use project 64 1.6 it hasn't been the same

Started by: GalactagaGalactaga

the reason people use 1.6 instead of the uptodate versions is because the newer ones have faster loading times than consoles
here is an older video comparing OoT Wii VC and PJ64 2.0

there exist a sm64 pj64 1.6 and 2.x comparison but this is the first one i found

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Thread: New Challenger approaching! 8)

Started by: LatiosGDLatiosGD

Howdy o7
since you said you mostly run mobile games id recommend trying out catbird 😉


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Thread: Hello there, fellow speedrunners. Meet the world’s worst speedrunner.

Started by: daReaLSPeeDyGoNZALESdaReaLSPeeDyGoNZALES

welcome here :3
yeah i agree with mushy guy that cave story bad ending is a cool speedrun (and an awesome game in general)

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Thread: Hello I’m GreenToad

Started by: GreenToadGreenToad

good luck on that


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Thread: Alguém pode me ajudar?/can someone help me?

Started by: Miguel-AlvesMiguel-Alves

it depends on the game if they accept images as proof (very few if any do) but you can upload the image to somewhere like imgur and link that


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Thread: Hello there!

Started by: BanishedBanished


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Thread: How/Where did you get your username?

Started by: GuffGuff

"SioN" is short from "Silent Onion" by taking first two letters of the words and "Silent Onion" became a thing when i was playing YGOPRO in 2016 and saw someone with the name "Onion" playing and i just liked it but i didnt want to "copy" his name so i put "Silent" in front of it because im a quiet guy