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Thread: I accidentally deleted a game

Started by: Merl_Merl_

yeah the old changelog page we had is just a guide in "the_site" game :DD

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Thread: Give me a video on what it looks Like when you verify a run

Started by: Broderick.StilesBroderick.Stiles

you just brought the thread up again. you know if you dont post anything that someone could respond to, no one will respond and bring the thread back up. if you dont say anything no one will say anything

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Thread: How can I put sub-categories in a leaderboard?

Started by: Daniboy0826Daniboy0826

under the variables tab create a new variable, then give it new values (the values will be the actual subcategories) and then you click the three dots on the variable, hit edit variable and toggle the "use as subcategory" option

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Thread: Where and why did everyone make an account?

Started by: smitchsmitch

i made my account on the register page to be able to post runs

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Thread: Auto-Detected Load software?

Started by: kiazokenkiazoken

what game? i know the valve games have their own things


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Thread: hello, we have found an cheated in game

Started by: PikachuPikachu


what's the point of downloading every pb if you know what you can do better

not sure what you mean by "downloading every pb" but many people like to see their progress in their profile

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Thread: Submitted runs not showing on the leaderboard

Started by: MrSpaghettiMrSpaghetti

i never remember the exact problem with this but there are so many of these threads with the same problem you should just go trough the othe threads to try to find an answer while waiting for someone like @Oreo321Oreo321 or some other who often responds to these

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Thread: What Is The Longest Speedrun You’ve Ever Done

Started by: ActuallyEliteActuallyElite

i learned oot hundo in 2018, did one run attempt that was 17 hours long and i gave up

and i thought there was already a thread like this somewhere 😛

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Thread: Speedrunning Xbox Games on HDD?

Started by: MashunMashun

i googled "play original xbox games from hard drive" and found plenty of videos telling you how you could do this. i wasnt "mindlessly googling" 🙃


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: New Skip Found in Chameleon Twist: HELP

Started by: Kefka14Kefka14

@jackzfimljackzfiml last time i checked posting bounties in the general forums was fine though i might remember wrong as these just dont popup often

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