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Thread: New speedrunner knows nothing

Started by: Dr_memzDr_memz

id personally stream your attempts to twitch then highlight the PBs you get with the highlight feature in twitch (dont forget to turn the setting on that stores your past broadcasts so that you can highlight them).

recording every run is kinda annoying as in the unfinished runs take unnecessary space.
or you could record the whole session but then youd need an editing program of somesort on a pc to cut the PB part from the whole video which could be hours long


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Thread: Hey there!

Started by: AvriixAvriix

"not related to speedrunning"
then why is this on the speedrunning forums 😃?


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Thread: Making an input display

Started by: SioNSioN

okay update:
i managed to make the N64 input display by following the link that @TimmiluvsTimmiluvs gave me

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Thread: Making an input display

Started by: SioNSioN

So yeah i want to make a SNES and N64(and ps2 someday) input displays my self since well they cost a bit and shipping costs a bit but my problem is i dont exactly know how to make the input display.

i know you need an arduino or similiar, an extension cable and the nintendospy code thing. is there a video tutorial or something out there?


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Thread: ¿What are Demos Files?

Started by: JoaKaanJoaKaan

you should ask this in the game's own forum page

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Thread: hi

Started by: GabzWasHereGabzWasHere



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Thread: New Speedrunner

Started by: ThomasRipyThomasRipy

happy pushing


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Thread: Hello!

Started by: KelevGGKelevGG

howdy welcome 😃
i dont have really any tips on how to maximise the effectiveness of learning but dont do what i did with oot.

what i did was 1. learn and practice a lot so that i got good at the tricks 2. do runs and get mad when you fail the tricks because "i can do these they are easy" 3. go learn and practice more. 4. repeat

so yeah dont over practice i guess :DD

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Thread: Learning to code

Started by: FergusonJesFergusonJes

can be really fun.
fixing a problem you have in the code feels so good


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Thread: Hello Community :D

Started by: BurgeryCraftyBurgeryCrafty

howdy and welcome in to the weird world of speedrunning

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Thread: A question about Slush Puppy's Retime Tool

Started by: KochenKochen

yeah definetily false positives

also kinda off topic (and the reason im really even commenting 😃 ) but since Liv mentioned w10 defender i have to say this as its really annoying 😛
the w10 defender has deleted my own made games which was super confusing at first, "where are my games???" and then it became annoying 🙂


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Thread: Hello :D

Started by: Cyber_0neCyber_0ne



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Thread: Favorite drinks?

Started by: LorLor

Peach ice tea from the company Pirkka
or the best soda to exist Muumilimu

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Thread: New to here!

Started by: CrazyTachiCrazyTachi

the rules should say what emulators are allowed and if not then ask in the game's forums

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Thread: Game Request

Started by: yonettyonett

its gonna be looked eventually
just have to be patient

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