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Started by: MASHMASH

If I were to submit for horizon zero Dawn would you prefer a new game run to showcase skill choices throughout the run and weapon modification rng/effect. Or would a ng+ run will a complete build be more effective? Or perhaps a side by side to side the immense difference items make?


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Thread: Suggestions for types of runs.

Started by: LastChantzGamingLastChantzGaming

Does anyone know if it's possible to NG++ with the new weapons to start with 4 ideal coils. Instead of having to wait till after the day break siege quest/Meridian to purchase them?

I could see that being advantageous to a NG+ run vs a NG++ run for extra stats on weapons. Less menuing etc

So if I submit a run that is NG++ on the NG+ board( if you can infact do a NG++). I don't want it to be in potentially the wrong category.