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Forum: Deal or No Deal (US)

Thread: DS Question

Started by: BatBat

Although if the times are proven to be equal or slower in loading times to the console version I would be happy to change that rule, I sadly don't have enough experience with DS homebrew to say if there would be time discrepancies like there are for Wii. not sure if cart loads are the same as homebrew loads but if anyone has video load comparisons for Deal or No Deal i'd be willing to allow it to be marked as console


Forum: Deal or No Deal (US)

Thread: DS Question

Started by: BatBat

I am aware of what it is, but to keep things fair for console runners we won't be marking any homebrewed/usb loaded versions of games as console. I know they technically run off the console, but yeah it's mostly to keep official versions as the most optimal runs that are shown immediately on the board. If there was an option to mark it as homebrew or something instead and hide those runs I would, but sadly doesn't have a ton of options that display it how I/others would prefer


Forum: Deal or No Deal (US)

Thread: DS Question

Started by: BatBat

It would need to be listed as emulator if loaded from any homebrew applications


Forum: Ben 10: Protector of Earth

Thread: Emulator runs

Started by: Silo_SimonSilo_Simon

Runs on emulator are now hidden by default due to loading time differences being inaccurate to console. This makes many skips and levels much faster than they can possibly be on console. The reason they were not hidden before was because previous mods had them shown by default before.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR RUNS ARE GONE OR REMOVED, all it means is that your run will only show on the board to people if they choose to show emulator runs by using the filter options.

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Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

Hi, I was wanting to change the game titles of iCarly (Wii) to just iCarly, as the DS categories are going to be added to the board since the game is very similar to the wii version and there are people running the DS version now.

I also was wanting to change the Deal or No Deal title to Deal or No Deal (US), as the board for Deal or No Deal right now is currently just for the US versions of Deal or No Deal, which are pretty different compared to the UK versions.


Forum: Kung Fu Panda

Thread: Kung fu panda (NDS version)?

Started by: Crash90Crash90

I'm not a mod, but ideally if someone has done a run of the DS version it would be best on it's own board instead of this one, I agree. Not sure if anyone would have a run to fill the board though.

Side note, separating the Wii/PS2 versions (the Standard Definition versions), and the PS3/360/PC versions (The High Definition Versions) would probably be good too, just cause there are hitbox differences between the games, making some skips that are possible in one game not possible on the others, and also the SD versions have some shortened sections, including the entire Crane flying part of "Protect the Palace" not being in the SD versions of the game.


Forum: Mario Party Category Extensions

Thread: DS Categories?

Started by: Monkeh_Monkeh_

Try to contact the Mario Party DS mods about adding those runs. If they do not want the runs added to the main board, we can look into adding some extension categories here.

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Thread: soviet union country flag

Started by: KetchupBoiKetchupBoi

rip no ottoman empire flag


Forum: Megamind: Ultimate Showdown

Thread: There is no wii version of this game

Started by: Silo_SimonSilo_Simon

just an fyi, as the wii megamind game is mega team unite, which is a totally different game

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Forum: Active Life: Outdoor Challenge

Thread: Missing Categories.

Started by: LakesideTreyLakesideTrey

Also having played through the game, All Difficulties how it currently stands only requiring everything up through advanced 4 is more like Any%, as you unlock Master difficulty after beating everything else. Beating advanced 4 does roll credits though. Master also has it's own levels such as "Technical" and "endurance" but i'm not sure what else since I hadn't played through those. Video is timestamped showing this.


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Thread: RNG Speedruns.

Started by: AlexisDRAlexisDR



Forum: Mario Tennis 64

Thread: I need help submitting a run.

Started by: Magic_DashMagic_Dash

just make a free email account and a free youtube account and post your video on youtube


Forum: Action Girlz Racing

Thread: IL Board

Started by: Silo_SimonSilo_Simon

Would the mods perhaps be down for having an IL board for the individual tracks? (Including day/night versions, cause I think the tracks are different depending on night or day, except for maybe action girlz high?) anyway it'd be cool to do some ILs as well. just an idea though 🙂


Forum: Action Girlz Racing

Thread: Disc Drives and Load Times

Started by: galoomba1galoomba1

it'd probably be worth testing whether or not different characters cause the game to load longer or not, or if resetting the game or anything like that changes that. I played on a regular rvl-001, which is the first model of wii. IMO though given that there is an in-game timer I think it'd be totally fine to go by in-game time


Forum: Mario Party Category Extensions

Thread: This run wasn't included!

Started by: OddPandemoniumOddPandemonium

the people who did the runs must submit them to the board, we don't add people's runs without their permission

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Forum: Mario Party Category Extensions

Thread: Possible categories for Mario Party 8

Started by: OddPandemoniumOddPandemonium

sure thing, send me a link to the video in a private message and i'll look into potentially adding it! we can also talk about the rulesets and whatnot in that message

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Thread: Run not verified

Started by: IceolatortvIceolatortv

Entirely depends on the game you run, how many moderators the game has, how long your run is, the free-time/schedule of the moderators (game moderators are not paid in any way to moderate the games on this site.)

It's fine to ask, but yeah unless your run is pending for like 2 or 3 weeks I wouldn't bother the mods about it, but after that time it's not really bad to @ them on social media or send them a message on the site and ask if they have seen your submission, and most people should get back to you if they are actually active moderators. If they are inactive for about a month and don't get back to you on social media you'll want to post here and ask the site mods to see if they can help you get your run verified:

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Thread: Runs on Adult Websites

Started by: NihilistComedyHourNihilistComedyHour

Yeah I'd reject that

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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Hi I have had a run pending in Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures for 3 weeks, and the current moderator PorkerLevance hasn't been on the site in 8 months. All of his social media he hasn't used in at least two months, and his twitter he hasn't used since october. This is the only game he moderates as far as I'm aware. I've also had a previous run take a over a month to get verified. I can provide evidence that after I submitted the currently pending run that I tweeted at Porker and he has not gotten back to me at all. I plan on doing more any% runs, and also plan on running 100% since the game does have a percentage completion meter and requires gathering lots of collectables to 100% the game. I've already done a casual 100% playthrough of it.