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Thread: Why is @Jaypin88 banned?

Started by: JubileeJubilee

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Stealing other's videos is a really scummy thing to do and it's hilarious that only results in a temp ban. Just another reason to stop using src lol, integrity means nothing to site mods I guess

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Thread: Speedrunslive and SDA forums: Account deletion request

Started by: EXE_FakeEXE_Fake

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I mean, lots of people who have used SRL have used, so it's not really that bad of a place to just ask questions about it. Reaching out to the people who run SRL would be best, though. And as oreo said, staff for this site obviously cannot just go and delete accounts on SDA or SRL because they are not the same people. Since the sites are pretty dead, it's hard to say whether or not you'll be able to delete any of that stuff.

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Thread: Enhancement request - add the ability to follow users, like we follow games

Started by: 2snek2snek

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Why are you replying to and liking your own comment? @HiHi @_

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Forum: Shrek Extra Large

Thread: Subcategories

Started by: JumpyluffJumpyluff

Sadly I think that category would be a bit arbitrary, since the most optimal way to have this happen is a speed boost glitch through the walls or floor of the tutorial level, so it'd just be resetting over and over again until you got lucky enough to clip fast enough. It would only take ~15 seconds from starting a new file.


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Thread: Does anyone know what the most tied speedrun on the site is?

Started by: Merl_Merl_

DS Bee movie credits "Warp" is a complete joke of a category and I'm glad it wasn't included lol

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Thread: Why is @Jaypin88 banned?

Started by: JubileeJubilee

Imagine doing so many dumb no-effort runs just to steal some to add on to your completely arbitrary list of uncontested WRs lol

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Forum: Deal or No Deal (US)

Thread: 3DS?

Started by: clydepngclydepng

You can play on any model of DS including the New3DS, 3DS, 2DS, etc.


Forum: Bee Movie Game (Wii)

Thread: Potential for cheat% category.

Started by: Silo_SimonSilo_Simon

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So, people may be aware that there are cheats for this game, although there aren't any comprehensive lists online, and I believe that you were only able to get them from the old bee movie game website that is no longer around. BUT, these cheats appear to be different specific combinations of inputs, and the only inputs it takes is Up and Down from both the D-pad and Joystick, and these are both counted separately. (Meaning 4 different inputs.)

As far as I can tell, there isn't a specific length that ALL codes are, as the 5 that I know the codes for are mostly 5 input codes, but one of them is a 3 input code.

Aaaaanyway, my point is that there is one code that I managed to accidentally input that I don't know how to replicate, but the code appears as "Hive Exposed" in the bottom right corner. This code gives you the Plantinum flight pass and unlocks every level, including the credits. So effectively, there could be a cheat% category of inputting the codes you want to use, starting a new game, and then you just need to do the tutorial and click on the credits level. This would take only maybe 3 or 4 minutes.

If anyone wants to mess around with the codes to find the correct set of inputs for the "Hive Exposed" cheat, then that would make for a neat short little category. Other than Hive Exposed, I think the only other useful cheat would be the "Fur Car" cheat, which unlocks the bumblebee car right away, and that miiiight save time on the drive to honex compared to the default car.

Here are the cheats I know so far:
Up down up (DPAD ONLY) - ROBUST (I believe gives you more health.)
Up up up down up (DPAD ONLY)- STREAMLINED (as far as I've read, this lets you fly faster. Wouldn't be useful for cheat% but maybe "extended cheat%")
Down down up up up (DPAD ONLY)- FUR CAR (Unlocks the bumblebee car)
Up up up up down (DPAD ONLY)- BEECASO (I'm not sure but it probably unlocks all concept art and maybe all statues)
Up Up down down Up (DPAD ONLY)- ALLERGY PILLS (I have no idea what this does.)

Again, the joystick and dpad count as separate inputs, so inputting any of the above on joystick does not unlock the cheats. I do believe that there are codes that require the joystick inputs, though. While mashing the joystick and dpad up and down sorta randomly I have also accidentally unlocked the "Hive Exposed" cheat, "Concentration" cheat, and the "Tough Bugs" cheat.

Hive Exposed marks all levels as complete and unlocked and gives you all flight passes. I'm not sure what the Concentration or Tough Bugs cheats do. Tough bugs might make enemies have more health? I have no idea.


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Thread: “Speed Points” - A way to tell who is the best speedrunner on this website.

Started by: hungryhyena78hungryhyena78

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Other than what people have mentioned already, there was already sort of a "points" system before regarding how many categories or games people have run. That just encouraged a handful of people to request tons of games that they never run again. A lot of people who had "the most games ran" were people that just did a single run of the first level of a game, often on an emulator. Overall, I think this just got to be pointless, and a MASSIVE waste of server space. There are a TON of categories on that frankly a little effortless/sorta lazy. Without a system to actively filter runs and rate how many "points" they'd be worth, there's no real good way to represent who has accomplished the most "impressive" runs.

If there was a much more rigorous process to adding categories to a game, I'd say it could maybe work. At this point though, making a comprehensive point system would take an insane amount of tedious work that overall would probably result in something still arbitrary.

For example, there are several games that have categories of literally going and just pressing credits in an options menu.

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Thread: The Current Situation Of Pika

Started by: PikAsrielPikAsriel

I don't think context really helps much in this situation lol

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Forum: Mario Party Category Extensions

Thread: Request categories here in this forum!

Started by: Silo_SimonSilo_Simon

I don't know why I didn't make this post earlier lol, but anyone feel free to request categories to be added here! They aren't guaranteed to be added, but if we think it's a good idea, we will definitely look into adding the category. One thing that helps a lot with category requests is having a run done of whatever category you are suggesting, so that there will at least be one run on the board.

Thanks for your interest in speedrunning Mario Party, with your help, the community will continue to grow and grow!

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Thread: Inconsistencies in games approved

Started by: FrabloFrablo

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Just today a game called "T-Shrek" got accepted, so honestly I think it probably just entirely depends on the mod checking the game lol

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Thread: How many times have you guys unfollowed a game because of the shifting ads lol

Started by: Silo_SimonSilo_Simon

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I think i've done it like two dozen times now haha. So many times i'll try and click on a level leaderboard and the page shifts down and it's the perfect spot to press the unfollow button.

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Thread: IL categories not applicable to all levels

Started by: osukaruiosukarui

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It is possible to add subcategories without making them apply to all levels, but one major problem with that is the way that IL boards are set up on the site. Subcategories for levels don't show on the overall board, just when you click on the level to view all of the times. So while it is possible to make the subcategories, if you want them to display all nicely on the board as a whole, it is best to do what Oreo suggested.

Also the way is currently set up with subcategories, if you only want to put subcategories on specific categories and not ALL of them, you have to (sometimes rather tediously) add categories on a level by level basis. (Add Variable, make sure that variable applies to one specific level, add subcategories, and do that for every single level or category you want to apply that to.) Not only is it a bit time consuming, but this also tends to make the variable page a bit of a mess.

Hopefully is or will be working on improving the IL boards. Not trying to say the current situation is unworkable, it just seems to me like the site could benefit from overhauling the IL boards.

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Forum: Kung Fu Panda

Thread: Separate skips

Started by: HumphreyGamingHumphreyGaming

I think that separating the HD and SD versions of the game would be good, yeah. Other than some skips not being possible, some parts are left out of the SD versions.


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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: lewisandsparklewisandspark


This is a little bit of a complicated matter so hopefully I put this the right way. I am a moderator for Ben 10: Protector of Earth. The other mods @BlueWillBlueWill and @_-_STAR_fox_-__-_STAR_fox_-_ have been having a problem today with one of the other mods @Sora-AruzakySora-Aruzaky . Sora, over the course of the years that he has been a moderator for the game, has done extremely little in terms of actually moderating the board. This includes not participating in mod discussions on the game's discord page, even though he is in the discord and we give him multiple weeks to give input. He also, in the entire time that he has modded for the games, did not add any rules and we had to add rules to every game. (He does not have rules added for many games he moderates, which is against the site moderation rules.) He is also a series mod for Ben 10, but has not done anything in terms of adding games for people who request them, and in fact, Sora has removed the mod who DID do stuff and upkeep the series. (The mod was _-_STAR_fox_-_ ) He did so without notifying starfox and starfox had done absolutely nothing to deserve to be removed as a mod.

Aside from these problems, today Sora has decided that he is going to ignore all of Bluewill, Starfox, and I's input on changes that he wants to make to the board. This includes him adding PSTV as a platform for the game without discussing this with any of the mods, and telling everyone in the discord that "Hacked PSTV runs are now allowed". There was absolutely no conversation with the mods about this change, and every time I try to remove the platform as an option, he keeps adding it back. Sora has also has taken it upon himself to change the themes of all of the Ben 10 boards without asking as well. Sora has threatened to "Ban" me for "disrespecting him" and not just letting him make whatever changes he wants to make without consulting us other mods. I was more than happy to discuss allowing PSTV being marked as a PSP emulator, but he does not seem to understand why I would not want a platform added that isn't a legit platform for the game.

Basically, Sora is sort of going rogue right now and Bluewill, Starfox, and I think he should be at the least removed as a moderator for Ben 10: Protector of Earth, because he is simply not doing his job as a moderator and is actively ignoring input from us. I can share screenshots of the discussions we've had in the discord with Sora and also DMs between Bluewill, Starfox, and I regarding what Sora was doing today.

Thanks for reading this, hopefully this can be addressed.

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Forum: Carnival Games Mini Golf

Thread: "Start from a new character"

Started by: QDog422QDog422

There are character slots, you just need to select a new character slot, or delete one of your old slots and make a new character on a new slot. It doesn't take much time at all. If you want to do runs without making a new character every time, i'd recommend running NG+

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