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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

The moderator for this game hasn't been active for years on as well as on his social media (twitch and twitter). Tried to add him on discord but to no avail.


Forum: Jurassic Park (SNES)

Thread: Misc Small Time Saves

Started by: ArcaneAriaArcaneAria

After clearing the ship of dinos, you can jump across the river instead of going around the forest to take the bridge to Raptor's Den. If done correctly, it saves around 3 or 4 seconds, but the timing is quite difficult to get.

See this gif for reference :

The trick is to jump on the edge of the water (you'll know you're at the right spot if you can't move left or right). It's also possible to do it on the way back too, it saves around the same amount of time but it's a bit more difficult. My trick on the way back is to jump on the edge too, but then press down and you'll see Grant putting his foot forwards. If the tip of his shoe is over the water you should be fine for the jump. There's also an example of that in the gif I linked, the first time I try to jump back, I'm placed incorrectly.

The timeloss on this is very costly since you'll die and respawn at the last building you entered, I don't suggest using this technique unless you're consistent at it.

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Forum: Jurassic Park (SNES)

Thread: Clearing the Ship Techniques

Started by: ArcaneAriaArcaneAria

Yeah I saw the disappearing spitter quite a few times and never understood if it was just a graphical bug or something


Forum: No Reset Marathon

Thread: NoReset @ Lan ÉTS Feedback Thread

Started by: ShokushuShokushu

Un gros merci à tout le monde qui nous ont offert leurs commentaires et feedback. C'est évidemment très apprécié et nous aimerions vous dire que nous allons sérieusement prendre en considération chaque point apporté pour que nos prochains événements soient encore meilleurs!

A big thank you to everyone who submitted their comments and feedback. It's really appreciated and we would like to let you know that we're going to be considering seriously every point brought by you so we can produce better events in the future!

See you next mission!

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Forum: No Reset Marathon

Thread: NoReset @ Lan ÉTS Feedback Thread

Started by: ShokushuShokushu

Ouais c'était mon ordinateur, j'ai jamais eu l'occasion de le brancher pis le sac avec les fils pour le brancher a été enterré dans le fouillis de manteaux/stuff =/

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Forum: No Reset Marathon

Thread: NoReset @ Lan ÉTS Feedback Thread

Started by: ShokushuShokushu


J'espère que vous retournez traquillement dans un cycle de sommeil régulier, quelle fin de semaine!

J'ai passé un très beau moment avec vous tous, tous les efforts mis pour la réalisation de cet événement en ont valu la peine. Je me considère très chanceux d'être entouré d'une communauté géniale dont vous faites tous parti.

Sur ce, dans notre quête de vous offrir des meilleurs événements à chaque fois, nous aimerions récolter votre feedback sur l'événement. Que ce soit positif, négatif/constructif, des choses que vous avez aimé que vous voudriez revoir, des choses que vous avez moins aimé que vous n'aimeriez pas revoir (ou qui pourrait être amélioré), on vous écoute et on prend votre feedback très au sérieux.

Merci encore une fois d'avoir pris part à notre événement avec le plus de succès à date!



I hope you're falling back slowly into a regular sleeping schedule, what a weekend!

I spent a real good moment with you all, all the efforts put towards this event have all been worth it. I feel blessed to be surrounded by this great community in which you take part.

In our quest of offering better events every time, we would like to gather your feedback on the event. May it be positive, negative/constructive, things you loved that you'd want to see again, stuff you disliked that you would prefer not see again (or have it improved), we listen to your feedback with a lot of seriousness.

Thanks again for being part of our most successful event so far!

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Forum: No Reset Marathon

Thread: Marathon Schedule

Started by: ShokushuShokushu

Here's the official schedule for the upcoming marathon :

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Forum: No Reset Marathon

Thread: No Reset at Lan ETS 2017 runs submissions

Started by: ShokushuShokushu

If you have any questions concerning the marathon, venue, or submissions, feel free to post them here.


Forum: No Reset Marathon

Thread: No Reset at Lan ETS 2017 runs submissions

Started by: ShokushuShokushu


We are proud to announce that we are coming back in 2017 at Lan ETS (February 10-12)! We're opening the form for runs submissions right now.

Here's some guidelines for the submissions :
- Deadline is January 15, so you don't have to rush to submit right now.
- You can submit a maximum of 4 different games (you may submit any number of categories, as long as it's a maximum of 4 different games).
- Make sure to post a video with your run.
- Try to have a relatively accurate estimate.
- If you want to race against someone, make sure to include it in the comments.
- Commentary language is runner's choice

Link to the event (Lan ETS) :

Link to the submission page :

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Forum: No Reset Marathon

Thread: Feedback for Metroidvaniathon

Started by: TMTM

Here's some feedback I got from Reddit :

If the stream is not dedicated towards French speaking users then I recommend changing the info and links at the bottom of the stream from French into English. It makes it more likely that people will donate and/or follow the channel.


On the same point of donating, the method of donating to the cause was pretty hard to find. To quote the blog post on Axiom Verge's website : "To designate your gift to the Kernicterus Center, go to “Gift Designation”, choose "Other, Specify below" in the dropdown menu, and then write underneath in the “Comments” field “Kernicterus – In honor of Alastair Happ”."

I don't think anyone knew about this, and it wasn't written anywhere on the twitch profile.


Forum: No Reset Marathon

Thread: No Reset : Metroidvaniathon runs submission

Started by: ShokushuShokushu

We're extending submissions to November 10th


Forum: No Reset Marathon

Thread: No Reset : Metroidvaniathon runs submission

Started by: ShokushuShokushu

Also if you have any questions, you can ask here, I'll check this thread regularly


Forum: No Reset Marathon

Thread: No Reset : Metroidvaniathon runs submission

Started by: ShokushuShokushu


No Reset is a speedrunning marathon based in Quebec, Canada (mostly Montreal). We're already known in the community for doing marathons, notably at Lan ETS and Dreamhack Montreal.

No Reset is having a speedrunning marathon under the theme of the Metroidvania genre. This marathon will take place during the last weekend of November (25-27) and its goal is to raise funds for Kernicterus Research Center.

The event will be live, in a To Be Announced location in the region of Montreal, Quebec. It will be animated in english but french runners that prefer to do their runs in french are accepted as well!

Please submit one or more games (fill the form again for multiple runs) with a link to a video of your run if you have one.

Here's a list of suggestions we made up if you're wondering if your game is a Metroidvania or not : (you don't HAVE to pick one from this list).

Deadline for submissions is November 7th


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Thread: Request for a speedrunning marathon thread on the forums

Started by: ShokushuShokushu


I am one of the organizers of the No Reset Marathons in Montreal. We would like to have a forum thread (subforum) along with the other speedrunning marathons so we could announce our upcoming events and answer questions.

If you need anything from me just ask =)


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Forum: SOS (SNES)

Thread: I think it's time to route best ending :>

Started by: TMTM

mfw WR is also the tutorial for the run

GJ thundermustache! =)

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Forum: Introductions

Thread: Blank Page

Started by: Rentoraa42Rentoraa42

If you ever want to learn Jurassic Park on SNES, ask me =)

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Forum: Dreamhack Montreal, NASA/No Reset

Thread: Feedback

Started by: lurklurk

I had tons of fun organizing this event and participating in it this weekend!

Here's some feedback about both the event, the runners and the staff:

We got a perfect score for attendance during this marathon. Absolutely everyone on the schedule showed up and this is immensely appreciated, especially with the other problems we had, having someone not show up would've added a layer of complexity that we didn't need.

Everyone was super nice, and I don't mean this as a blanket comment. All the runners were genuinely nice and sympathetic, kept being supportive especially when we went through stressful moments (tech downtime).

I also really liked the fact that a lot of people showed as early as Friday to help with whatever or just chill with us all weekend instead of just dropping by for their run and leaving after. This might be one of the main reasons the event was so enjoyable, got to meet a lot of new people (or people that I only talked online).

One thing that could've been improved was run commentary. I did not hear a lot of it mainly because we couldn't hear people talk back in the tech tables, but I knew when people did not talk at all. Please take this constructively, I know a lot of the runners were french and may have difficulties commenting their run in English at the same time, but I think this is a point that was lacking generally (of course some of you guys had superb commentary, nothing to say here). I'm guilty of this too, I barely said anything during my Jurassic Park run, I did not prepare at all for this run.

Also thanks to everyone who brought stuff (consoles, games, TVs, etc.) it made everything easier for us.
I want to make a special point about the french restream, as it got saved by Terran2034 and SuperBigKMart (and JeedUnit), but it wasn't always manned. It's probably my fault though, the schedule was pretty much made last minute and it wasn't clear whether or not it should be followed. Would I have to do it again, it would be organized better than what I did for DHMTL. In any case, thanks to everyone who participated in the french restream!

I liked the positioning of our booth, right next to the staircase made it easier for people to see our spot. Unfortunately, it also was really noisy since we were close to the loud booths which was kinda annoying.

It was also unfortunate that the "reverse projector" forced us to setup the projector screen in-between the crowd and the runners.
The speedrun event didn't get at lot of promotion/advertisement. This is in part from Dreamhack's side as they didn't really talk about it aside of having a page on their website with a link to horaro. NASA didn't advertise much either, aside from doing an automatic tweet at each run, there was like 3 tweets total during the whole 3 months we had to organize the event. I'm not sure what else has been done on their part but the viewer count wasn't impressive considering we're talking about NASA.

How could it get so cold? I probably caught a cold during the event no joke, it felt like we were in a refrigerator!
We came early Thursday to setup a lot of stuff, but there was nothing for us until like 9PM. We didn't have power, internet, we only had 9 tables prepared, that's all. So there was a lot of waiting to do for us for stuff to arrive, so we couldn't work on tech setup before Friday morning. Also the computers came late too, we almost had to bring our own desktops to fill missing computers.

Internet dropping like three times Saturday was devastating. Seems like it was because the people from the MSI booth unplugged the switch when they left... No idea why it happened 3 times though.

The guys from NASA were really pleasant to work with, and I'm not just talking about the weekend. They brought good ideas for me doing the schedule and they were also open to mine which made the whole organizing thing easier for me.

I also liked that we split ourselves the tasks early, so we wouldn't overlap work, they would cover all the tech side of the event, where NoReset would manage logistics, runners and french restream.

About the dreaded technical difficulties, I believe they could have been minimized. Of course I know that every live event will have technical hiccups, which is acceptable, but these were more than hiccups. It may have helped if we added more setup time between runs, but I think the main problem was that not everyone on the tech team understood the setup. One person made it, then went to bed, and we faced a problem that nobody knew how to fix. He gave me a brief explaination before leaving on how things worked, but I had to figure out many things on my own during the first night that the other tech guys with me didn't seem to know beforehand (and I'm not video tech saavy at all). I believe that these problems could have been minimized if we had some kind of plan of the setup.

Huge thanks to every staff member that stayed overnight to make sure the marathon goes on while the others could go rest.

Someone said it was a mistake to have the schedule at two different places (horaro and and this is very true, it should be only horaro as it is so much easier to edit the schedule. The schedule manager on is clunky and not user-friendly at all. It was a problem since we had to move some runs around last minute, but the guys that made the modifications only had access to the schedule. I updated the horaro when there was a modification, but I didn't get notified of every modification so the horaro fell behind at some point.

MemeBag MVP (the red bean bag). Pretty glad that I brought this baby to the event as it was very useful. I received it from mail just in time, it's just pretty hard to carry it around as it takes 100% of my trunk space in my car. Still gonna bring it back next time.

It was also a great idea from Deln to bring water bottles. I bought two packs of 24 for the event as it's pretty cheap and they prove to be appreciated by everyone who took them. I only brought back 4 of them home!

We hatched some hot new memes during this weekend, look out for them!

We managed to fit in the world famous S.O.S run!!!

The N64 Triathlon was hype as fuck (for me at least) and it was a great way to end the marathon. Too bad we had to do it at like 8PM when everyone already left, we would have had a lot of spectators.

Shoutouts to the Super Mario Sunshine race that attracted the most live viewers in the crowd!

Thanks to Loto-Québec and RDS who took time to interview me and GVirus and give us some visibility.

-Last words
To re-iterate what I said at the beginning, I had lots of fun doing this event, and we will continue to make more of them. I'm glad most of the runners told me they're down to come back to our events. We will make efforts to fix mistakes we did in this edition, we read your feedback and we want to learn from it. I hope I'll see you guys again soon, you're a great crew.

QSR represent!

Join us on our discord server if you wanna hang out with us :

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Forum: Dreamhack Montreal, NASA/No Reset

Thread: Runners passes and some information

Started by: ShokushuShokushu

Hi runners!

Dreamhack is coming this weekend, I hope you're all ready to give out a great performance and have some fun with the Quebec Speedrun community!

The passes for the runners will be handed out at the MEDIA/GUESTS booth at registration. Just go there and give out your name and they'll give you your pass. You probably will skip a good part of the line-up too =).

We kindly ask of you to bring your own console/game/controller for the game you're running. We will have some backups for consoles, but we definitively won't have the games.

Some of you may have seen on the Dreamhack website that the venue closes at 11pm for guests. Fear not, we will have full 24/24 access to the event!

There is also a rest area inside Dreamhack for BYOC ticket holders that we will also be able to use and get that powernap going (or maybe a full night of sleep, but who does that?).

That's all for now, I'm really eager to see you guys this weekend and I'm so grateful to the amount of people who showed interest in the event and provided runs!

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Forum: Dreamhack Montreal, NASA/No Reset

Thread: [Important] Form to be filled by ALL the runners

Started by: ShokushuShokushu

Filling this out confirms you will be attending the event. If anything comes up, please contact us directly as soon as possible.