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Go ahead with Shinobi Gaisen and post the Gm runs on this board. Looking forward to seeing a GM speedrun.


The NA version is the fastest, but the EU version is fine to run on, JP is iffy because the original has it's own board, and I don't know how different Shinobi Gaisen is to the English release. But NA and EU are fine.

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Sure, We had it once before, but no-one ever ran that category, so we go rid of it. But I'd love to see some GM runs so I 'll chuck it up for you.

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I can't see why not as long as the cycles are the same, but I'm not a computer whizz.


A quick tut for anyone unsure how to bring up the world map from inside a dungeon.


Just an update. If you complete the quests in order, but instead of picking up the quest item, you pick up the parchment instead, you can progress to the end of the game this way.


Found this one out during testing. After receiving the first vision from Ria Silmane, I purchaced a cheap Non Target spell and Levitate, and headed to Rihad. After learning the location of Stonekeep from the Queen. I went through Stonekeep straight to the parchment she requests, and returned it to her. However, I then went back to Stonekeep. The Parchment was still there, but when picking it up it told me I had acquired the first of the Staff of Chaos, without doing Fang Lair! I then rested, and received another vision from Ria, and Jagar Tharn sent Goblins to kill me when I left the Inn, as expected. I went to Stonekeep one more time, and got the parchment, telling me the Tablet had been recovered for the Mage in the Mages Guild at Winterhold in Skyrim. I gave it to him and he rewarded me with the location of the Labyrinthian. However, returning and picking up the parchment again resulted in nothing. However this is a very quick and easy way to skip Fang Lair and Fortress of Ice.