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So, I haven't done anything with this community in ages, but I have a reason for that, and that reason is osu! But anyway, if I were to do a run on the 1.9 GDPS server, would it still stand? On the server, the game is reverted back to 1.9, but that's about it. Nothing else has changed. So, can I use it?


Thanks! Note that I am just a casual player, my runs will probably be bad


I have the game, and I regularly play it casually. Steam broke, so until I fix it or I find a new speedgame, my career is over. My question is, how does one record 3DS footage? If I get an answer, I can run this with you!


I want my name changed to ShinyRiolu. thx in advance


14:22 run of 1-8. I have video this time!


Ok... I'll just have to record with the terrible quality of my dad's iPhone 7 if i get the chance

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Just wondering, should I start time when i press the button for SM or when the level appears? If it's the button, add 1 second to my 16:51


Hey, I'm very sorry that I was not able to provide a video of my 16:51 1-8 any% run (yes I know, it's terrible). Please accept my run, it's just that I can't figure out my new streaming software (CocoaSplit). I will provide videos when I've got it all figured out.
But for the time being, please accept my runs. They are 100% real (and probably easy to beat).


I have a 16:51 run of 1-8 any% with no video. Please accept it, as my recording software was not working.


Just a note for people asking, "Why is your time so bad?" This is my first run, and I choked HARD at the end. 3 deaths on CLG, 1 on Jumper, and 3 more on TM.


Hey, RedPanda1413 here. I just did my first speed run.
The category is 1-8 any% and my time was 16:51.143. I had to estimate because Time Split Tracker only showed splits 1-7. I substituted the video link with my youtube channel because CocoaSplit was not working for me as well, and I was not able to record the run. Please accept me all times i make this confession, which will be until when I get CocoaSplit to work.