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Thread: Hi

Started by: NolanplayzNolanplayz

No point in having Death%, this was already discussed in the UCN channel on the Discord and the lowest possible time in the night is a 0.8 death to Nightmarionne as of Day 1 release.


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Thread: ANNOUNCEMENT: Newspaper & Check Skip Clarification

Started by: HaloHalo

To restart the game, either hit Esc or hit F2.


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Started by: SheppardKillerSheppardKiller

(edited: )

To our fellow community members and runners, lately the moderation team over on our Community Discord have been discussing the removal of the subcategory “Unscrew/Slasher” on the FNaF World leaderboards and have the “Damage” subcategory preceding ALL future runs on ALL categories from now on but not as a subcategory anymore. Now it’s important to know what we, as moderators, originally discussed so you understand the full context of why this consideration was being taken.

We, the moderation team, felt like the two subcategories themselves were cluttering the SRC boards (Screenshot provided by Dark: however, due to the nature of the situation, while we try to keep decisions in the best interest for the moderation team and the general community, we ran a poll specifically for our FNaF World runners over on the Community Discord and the majority of our members wanted to keep the “Unscrew/Slasher” runs.

Now, for any long time members of FNaF World have or should’ve known, this is NOT the first time we discussed the ban on runs specifically using Unscrew, the last time being with GarlicBox on the 28th of November, 2017; however, due to the account being deleted, this post here: ( will be out of context and very outdated.

Why do I bring any of this stuff up? Well, it’s more or less the Unscrew/Esc Key chances being between 1-2% of success on instantly killing bosses regardless of the difficulty per use. With these sorts of odds at stake, this makes runs FAR MORE inconsistent and reliant on RNG than they ever were in the past regardless of how optimized the runs we currently have today. This is why as of recent events we considered cutting this subcategory entirely but with the majority opinion of our community members for this game wanting to preserve these runs, we had to come up with something for the best of both worlds.

Right now as it currently stands, a compromise the moderation team is considering moving ALL runs from the “Unscrew/Slasher” subcategory as its own category over on the FNaF World Category Extensions board to not only preserve the runs that our community members for FNaF World on the Community Discord voted for, but it also clears up the main FNaF World SRC board from being cluttered to help ease things up for our moderation team; however, there’s still concerns about community input over this matter, and this is where you guys comes in.

This will be an open discussion post, so feel free to leave your opinions whether this is one of our community mods adding more to the discussion or one of you, our dedicated runners of this game. Remember, us moderators will be relying on this critical piece of feedback as a means of discussing where the direction of this subcategory will go next and finalize the course of action from there.

We hope all of you stay safe and have a wonderful day!


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Thread: Foxy%?

Started by: mr.arkham_YTmr.arkham_YT

It's a pretty pointless category imo, because theoretically the times will just be ms off at that point or even tied to an extent, especially once you immediately get the movement optimized and have the least number of possible battles (since you're always bound to get a few by traveling around).

Even if I haven't touched FNaFB speedrunning in a few years, I bet you if I came back and tried to do something like this, it would be optimized immediately by just doing a few attempts and just quickly routing by opening up RPG Maker and looking at all the map data within the rvproj file and going off that, it just doesn't really serve much of a challenge over the rest of the other categories I'm afraid.



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Thread: are the mods still active on this game?

Started by: samolisamoli

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We changed the boards around and some of the runs that WERE on this leaderboard no longer had videos tied to them anymore so we removed those runs, right now we're still trying to figure out how to rework the other boards including this one so some stuff will be changed around soon.

EDIT: If you want easy contact, we have a community Discord for all things FNaF speedrunning and other Scott Cawthon related games (dunno if we're still getting the rest in here), this is where us mods are the most active, but I always check around a few times a day just to see if there's any new activity.

EDIT 2: You're looking at the Legacy Golden Freddy% category, there's current runs from very recent that were already submitted, so yeah.

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Thread: Request Categories Here

Started by: HakoHako

We removed both Tier 1 characters% and No Run% recently, wanted to clear the boards and have categories that were fun and actually reasonable, hence why they aren't present.



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Thread: can i submit a mute run so i dont get copyright on yt?

Started by: DomkSenDomkSen

You do realize the game itself has an option for when you create a new savefile for the game that you can disable copyright claimed songs.

Even then, you only get copyright claims which really don't matter on your channel, I have over 200+ of them because Open Hexagon uploads mainly, but it really doesn't matter if you don't have 1000+ subs on a monetized channel.

I guess it's okay, but not 100% necessary.


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Thread: Speedrunning FNAF on Console with Glitches


There is 1 run submitted through the Xbox version of this game under the No Skips category if you look carefully, the categories that are specific to mobile are only for mobile devices, the regular ones are for the other builds such as PC and consoles since for now unless there's any difference between PC and console as there is with mobile, then we'll make a separate category for those as well.


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Thread: Adding a W Scenario Category

Started by: TheK9SpyTheK9Spy

Added the category as promised, I keep forgetting that Q, W, and Save Import shit exists within FNaFB games, never really makes sense and no one would know about it unless you pirated RPG Maker like I did or randomly hit a button and it worked, but enjoy the category and I'll see what this category holds so far, have fun!



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Thread: Game Download

Started by: grande1900grande1900

Since you posted this forum post with the Steam Download part, I decided to take the liberty of adding a new thing under the Tools section for the link to the GameJolt page of the game where you can download and the guide to downloading the game via Steam, but thanks for the reminder 🙂



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Thread: What does your run need to have for it to be verified?????

Started by: PropheiserBoldPropheiserBold

I looked at the audit log and I went through everything to when I last moderated the last set of runs to approve, and yours was right after my last one.

Looking at your original submission before Turtles_are_Love had reviewed it, the link was the Rick Roll song the whole time, and they accidentally approved it and soon rejected it after realizing the mistake, but the one you had just submitted was the same time as the rejected run but the time you said you had was a 1:15 which wasn't what the video showed.

I don't know if there's an issue on your end or something, but as far as I know, nothing in terms of integrity between your run submissions to here was affected, but just make sure to double OR triple check that everything is in order, that way it avoids any future mistakes.


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Thread: Have Questions For The Moderators

Started by: DrewTheJackalDrewTheJackal

What sort of questions do you have?

For the best help, there's always the Discord community that has people there that's willing to ask questions as it's kinda like the main hub for everything FNaF speedrunning now.

Unfortunately for me, I resigned from that place due to personal issues that never seemed to get better and left all that behind; but, I'm still going to continue with my job as I know that verifying runs nowadays are quite constrained and I'm responsible for a couple of games on here and 1 that I personally got onto this website.

I'll be around here and there to help, but I'm sure the rest will help you out better than I can as I've slacked on not only this game but the entire series as a whole, but feel free to reach out to them.


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Thread: Just want to know

Started by: oleksiy73oleksiy73

If you want answers, I suggest joining the Discord or waiting for one of the moderators to respond to this, I know I am one but I haven't been involved in quite a long while but still am active in private, so let them know.

If you want, I can pass the message along to SpiderHako, the owner of the Discord and let him know about the post, otherwise there's not much else I'll be able to do.


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Thread: Legitimacy w/ FNaF 1 Any% PC Current Patch Runs

Started by: SheppardKillerSheppardKiller

If we do that, all the runs would be just about the exact same time, because we're all capped at 60 FPS unless you're on a bad PC which could cause the game to be slower, and I never made this decision when this was brought up, but this is unfortunately the fucking dilemma with games pre FNaF World because they're not even worth speedrunning in terms of value.


Forum: Dexter's Laboratory: Deesaster Strikes!

Thread: 100% category?

Started by: SheppardKillerSheppardKiller

It would be interesting to see a 100% category of this game, not only getting all 124 deedees, but also getting all of the engines available repaired within the game, but I can also understand if this can be quite a work load to get around with.


Forum: Five Nights at Freddy's

Thread: Legitimacy w/ FNaF 1 Any% PC Current Patch Runs

Started by: SheppardKillerSheppardKiller

The topic of this thread is going to discuss what I was told about very recently regarding the speedruns sent to this leaderboard in regards to the loading times to all the Current Patch runs for PC in the Any% category.

I was told of the amount of anomalies this leaderboard by another moderator of the FNaF series, ZombieGabriel, through the concerns of another user who brought up this issue that was having ~7 second load times, with me and ZombieGabriel managing ~low 6 second loads and xDarkHeart's ~Mid to Low 5 second load times.

The runs in question were put on the spotlight for having ~1.5 second load times consistent throughout each of the nights in question, as to proving their own claims.. that's going to be quite the stretch considering these times seemed to have been drawn up from what the footage total was presented and not some accurate measurement.

A major thing I noticed is that the runs where these load times in question were this low were the runs that did NOT include a timer on the screen which would prevent splicing up footage because that would be fucking retarded and an absolute dumb move IF one were to do this.

However, there's also a clear difference with load times between Current and Legacy patch. Legacy patch has much faster load times, meaning the WR time on the leaderboard for PC Any% Legacy Patch makes a LOT more sense than the current patch and is reasonably understandable as to why it's much faster.

Current patch; however, is a completely different scenario entirely. With xDarkHeart having a time of 1:29, ZombieGabriel claiming he can definitely get 1:33, and for me, more than likely around those times too, we have this conflicting issue with what times are legit due to the increase in load times.

Since Current Patch can NEVER be faster than Legacy patch, that means if the WR is lower than Legacy patch, then more than likely that run is not legit, oh and if you want to know how fast the load time for the WR of Any% PC Current patch was? It was 1.132 seconds.

Unless there's some sort of load manipulation trick or anything, these sorts of runs are not legit by all means and the leaderboards will have to be reevaluated for further validity of each and every run here, and I'll leave a link below to my load time testing with my current PC stuff to get an idea of what I mustered, although not perfect, but outside of this test I got a mid 1:35 time, just to give you more perspective about this issue.

Loading Time Testing:

Anyways, I'll leave this thread up to discussion with other community members and other leaderboard moderators, have a good Christmas or happy holidays (Which ever you prefer), and I'll leave this up to the people, and if anyone is willing to help the mods in fixing the leaderboards, that would be greatly appreciated. 🙂


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Thread: Any% in 100%

Started by: whybob191whybob191

What the man is saying is if it's allowed if you do a 100% speedrun of the game, if you take the first 5 nights within that 100% run to make that the any%.

I know someone else with Five Nights With 39 did this for the Any% and 2 Star category, but I don't think anyone has done so here.

Now frankly, I'd love to give a precise answer on the video submission side of things (Aside from the rules already in place for each category), but unfortunately due to me resigning from the Discord community, where we're all generally located, since the last 6 months, I can't exactly help you with this topic, but if any other mods are around, I'm sure they'll be discussing about it first and then giving a clear answer, unless on their behalf they'll answer individually on the matter here.

Hope this clarifies things.



Forum: FNaF World

Thread: Just Wondering

Started by: IronNatePupIronNatePup

FNaF World Redacted is not the official FNaF World Version played on, this is only a fan game, not to mention the game itself also has an area 9 and 10 which DOES NOT exist in the original FNaF World.

Now as for FNaF World being buggy, this is actually due to your framerate. In FNaF World, (and any other FNaF game out there) because the game is made on Clickteam Fusion 2.5 engine, your movement in the game is actually dependent on your FPS, and even with cheat engine, this overworld movement is not affected whatsoever by the speed.

With this conclusion, you're just like me back in Mid July 2017 - Late Dec. 2017 and in Mid Feb. 2018 to Aug. 2019 where you're playing on a computer that's not exactly the best at running this game. The most FPS dependent area in FNaF World comes from the Freddy In Space minigame upon entering the lower section which is where all the bubble textures and stuff are found, causing your FPS to drop by half than when you originally entered (or at least this was what I experienced averaging 40 - 50 FPS on the top half compared to 20 - 25 FPS on the lower half of the entire map), so it's heavy on the resource end for that.

Now there is a way on Windows 10 where you can window the game aka Windows + Down Arrow, but unfortunately this method doesn't affect anything besides being a windowed version of the game, the resolution stays the same whether you do this or not, so the FPS remains unaffected, which is very disappointing because that would've helped a lot of people out with lower end PC's but we can't do anything about this sadly.

I do understand that playing with such low FPS can be quite troublesome, and believe me, playing on a super old computer going into Dusting Fields was almost unplayable because of how bad my FPS dropped (1 - 5 FPS), but this wasn't the same PC that I used back in 2017 to early 2018 when I first did runs of this game. If you're more than interested in trying to do any times for the minigames (besides Freddy In Space for the reasons mentioned above), then give them a shot!

You should have a smooth 60 FPS experience this way as they're easy to do and does take some amount of knowledge save for Chica's Magic Rainbow, as that's the most intense of the 4. As for the other categories, 100% could still give you some chances to beat some of the older times on the leaderboard still present, yes, the lack of being able to compete at a comparable skill level sucks, but this was what I had to deal with too, so just keep a good reminder of my old runs for FNaF World and know that you're not the only one who fought like hell to get some parts of this game the way it is today 🙂

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Forum: Bhop pro

Thread: First "banned" cheater.

Started by: 1DIM21DIM2

I know I've been stalking this game's page for quite some time, but even if you slow the video down to 0.25 playback speed, you can see it if you pause at the right moment, just pointing that out.