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Forum: Super Meat Boy

Thread: Wrong category names?

Started by: ShadowDraftShadowDraft

Why's Any% wrong? The wrong warp saves 10+ minutes over the current Any% category you've got listed.

Maybe switch it to Any% Warpless?

Honestly wondering about this so please don't instantly delete it or something.


Forum: Alien Swarm

Thread: 4-player co-op team

Started by: OninOnin

Giving my life for the run is what I do.

The Residential 4 player run looks quite smooth though have to agree with that.


Forum: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Thread: No OOB category?

Started by: 13742

I'll add No OoB as a hidden category.


Forum: Amnesia: Justine

Thread: More of a request than anything else

Started by: SBCzSBCz

I can add glitchless for Justine but as Nosferatu explained 100% is unlikely to be a thing for TDD.

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Forum: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Thread: Quick Saving/Quick Loading

Started by: JelleJelle

No it's not allowed as it breaks the fall damage system completely.


Forum: Risk of Rain

Thread: What are the best items to get?

Started by: Ub3rPotatoUb3rPotato

Depends on what version you're going to run on. In general you can follow the records item route exactly but only if you use the version too. The reason is simple. In that version the shield Providence activates once he receives a certain amount of damage doesn't work properly. So you can just stack missiles (which do the most damage if you get enough of them) and attack speed which further helps with triggering them.

For current steam version runs I recommend a very different setup since the damage shield is working. You'll need at least one health upgrade and all the DOT (damage over time) items you can get since those work even while the shield is active. I can't quite recall the list of items with DOT effects that work but I'm sure Onin does.

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Forum: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Thread: any% w/ resets

Started by: JesuscatfaceJesuscatface

It's added now as RTA. You can select it when you submit for Any% in a dropdown menu.