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Thread: A category for Category extension


Hey, we already have a category that is essentially Mothwing Cloak% (Aluba%), where the goal is to kill the aluba behind the hornet arena. With the other idea, as for all category ideas, it won't be considered unless there's significant interest in it from runners of the game.


Forum: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Thread: nishas shotgun?

Started by: MrBigTAndersonMrBigTAnderson

It's a loyalty reward for playing the other games. If you don't have them, you can download the profile with loyalty rewards from resources and replace your current one. This will reset your badass rank and settings, so if you care about that you should back up your old one.


Forum: Hollow Knight Category Extensions

Thread: Spell-less category?

Started by: lectisterniumlectisternium

Optimal route would be longnail, not dreamshield, but yeah go for it. There's no category because there's no runs, get some people interested and running it and I'd add it.


Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: No Load Dependent Glitches Leaderboard Archive

Started by: SerenaSerena

Following a community vote, all categories under this ruleset have been removed. The runs can be found in the spreadsheet here:



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Thread: Questions on Speedrunning

Started by: randomswitchgamerrandomswitchgamer

Hey, here's what I remember about the run:
Clipping through things is as simple as it looks, the only thing is you need a lowish framerate. I remember it being doable at 60 fps but not that consistent, so you may want to cap a bit lower. I use rivatuner statistics server for this.
Nothing special about the wrong warp to the escape sequence, just go into a door that's meant to be inaccessible.
Muting all game audio makes the cutscene at the start of the escape sequence play faster.
Repeatedly healing at the end makes the end sequence run faster due to how cutscene skips work.

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Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: Heretic%, or Joni's Dream for the Future

Started by: DewOnTheGrassDewOnTheGrass

Nah the hornet 2 fight removes all your blue health so the route would be pretty boring. No reason to collect any until you've already got access to the door


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Thread: About all achievement with all glitches

Started by: bigbugmkiibigbugmkii

Old versions of the game are fine


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Thread: livesplit's auto splits

Started by: DulmorgothDulmorgoth

Splits aren't for remembering the route my dude


Forum: Salt and Sanctuary

Thread: Co-Op / Sellsword Category

Started by: SandWolfySandWolfy

No idea what you're on about with the thief, but the category is added. Only boss that isn't possible on co-op (without glitches) is the unspeakable deep, and that has nothing to do with any npc.


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Thread: Using xmouse For Faster Srcoll wheel

Started by: Claps1xClaps1x

Macros are not allowed

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Thread: Can you guys add a new category?

Started by: InfamousIronInfamousIron

Someone in the discord (PantaLoon) is running this, but it's currently not nearly popular enough to warrant a new category. Also as yote is pointing out, a godhome ending category would be incredibly similar to the existing 112% category.

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Thread: Merging guides/explanations

Started by: BurntArtICBurntArtIC

You need to be able to drop weapons without going into your inventory (PC only) for crit stacking, but weapon merging should be possible on consoles. You have to swap away from a weapon, open inventory before the swap is done, and move the weapon to a new hotbar slot.


Forum: Hollow Knight

Thread: language mod used banned?

Started by: alqk0310alqk0310

Use of any game modifications other than the explicitly allowed increased load time mod has always been banned, this is not a new rule. Looking at the audit log, it seems your run was originally verified by Paerux, who has been inactive for some time now, so it may be difficult to reach him for an explanation. My assumption is he simply did not notice that you were using a modified game. You are free to do more runs to get a time back on the leaderboard, so long as you do not make use of any mods. Apologies for not noticing this much earlier.

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Thread: Categories

Started by: Bob_thBob_th

Those are the two I have in mind as well, I just haven't gotten around to setting up the board yet. I will later today


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Thread: Is there anyway I can apply for moderator on borderlands

Started by: nadersnaders

So is asking to be moderator of a community you have no connections to