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Forum: Super Mario Kart

Thread: Leaderboard revamp

Started by: LafungoLafungo

It was about time. Thanks a lot Lafungo!


Forum: Super Mario Kart

Thread: emulator

Started by: ElimsElims

What you need is a good old Super Nintendo and a SMK Cartridge 🙂
Or a Switch if you prefer.


Forum: Super Mario Kart

Thread: Is This Game Dead?

Started by: AustinBoston07AustinBoston07

GP is not a meme Goomba 🙂
But indeed SMK community members tend to play more Time Trial or individual track in GP but rarely GP speedruns.
It doesn't mean that this category isn't fun to play, it requires different skills though as it's more based on consistency and ability to succeed shortcuts with great successrate.
In any case, we'll be glad to welcome you on that leaderboard AustinBoston07!
Keep on Karting!

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Forum: Super Mario Kart

Thread: In Game Time And maybe Race leaderboard?

Started by: RandyOzzYRandyOzzY

I would be in favor of having at least separate PAL and NTSC charts, and i'd even further by having also separate 1P and 2P charts, but whatever...


Forum: Super Mario Kart

Thread: What happened here?

Started by: UrbiEtUrbiUrbiEtUrbi

What plankboii and DangerMoll is right.
I was using an unstable 4G connexion which from time to time was dropping frames even if overall it was ok.

Now that I moved house it's even worse, the 4G connexion is totally unstable, so I'm not able to stream from there. I will have to wait for more stable 4G connexion in my new village or the fiber deployment which is foreseen in 2022 here...


Forum: Super Mario Kart

Thread: Need to change the background image. Kappa

Started by: ScouBScouB

Dudes, the background image is from MK64, change that immediately 🙂

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