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Read the rules, they are there for a reason :)))

Yes you can disable it in the settings. Make sure you are on the latest patch and what not, and use the local recording feature, should be fine. Make sure to join the community discord, check the forums for the link
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RuKus, unfortunately it wouldn't really be possible to be competitive without the bouncer. However, if you have a look on, they sell bouncer codes for like $5, so if you grab one of them you should be all sweet Good luck with running the games dude!
I don't think it works since they are locked to specific accounts. You could get a 100% save file set up pretty quickly if you watch the 100% WR, in fact you don't even need 100% for NG+
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Of course Luke, the category is NG+ Any%, meaning you can beat the game in any means nessecary, but you have to be in NG+ (Challenge Mode). And yes, each round of the tournament, you will play again, you are racing an opponent.
We are most likely going to stream the semi and grand finals, so you will need to make sure you can stream in case you make it
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Preferably streamed, that away it avoids potential arguments between who won and what not. However if one records the run, and the other streams, and then a disagreement occurs for who the winner is, the win will most likely be given to the person with the best evidence of their run, which is a live stream.
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Sign up here:

Make sure you are able to get in contact with your opponents via Twitter, Twitch, Discord etc. Message me, preferably on Discord, if you are having trouble getting in contact with your opponent.

The tournament begins July 1, good luck!
Alright so people, we want to get a RACPS4 NG+ tournament organised for the near future, and one of the first things we need to decide on, is a date. Currently in a brief discussion, September 1 has been theorised to be a good option. I would appreciate your thoughts on what a good time for the tournament would be, keeping in mind that the tournament will probably run for about a month to a month and a half, so to mid October.

Thank you, I will be posting the tournament page here where you can enter soon!

If you make contact with one of the admins (Xem92, Cyprys or SkritlerSpeedrun), they can give you an invite to the discord.
HA amazing. Almost exactly the same speed. Its about 0.5 slower but call it the same
In Any% and All Gold Bolts, you need PAL PS3 since a glitch is utilised on the final boss which is only on PAL PS3. NG+ you can use NTSC since we skip the final boss.
Yeh this was already known, but good job though worknig it into your run. I will time it soon
I think it's a good idea, if you can route the category and come up with a very clear rule set and propose it to the mods, then it might have a chance. But there isn't often categories added to the LBs
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Nah they're banned sorry
Check the description of this video
Has a step by step process
Sup GooBoo how u doin man, GL with running! So yeh this issue some times occurs, its a possibility that its because ur on ps4 pro since weve never tested stuff on it, but its highly unlikely. The real likely cause for the enemies no dying is because they havent spawned in the first place. For some reason sometimes those enemies just dont spawn, so if that happens, just reload your check point, redo the level, and try again. Hope this helps and if u need anything else be sure to let us know heres a link to our community discord
Yeh it's fine, firstly you don't need to submit splits at all, completely optional. Secondly, we would rather you not submit in milliseconds as it makes the leaderboards not look as clean. Thirdly, it doesn't matter how you record or time, all you need to submit is a video that we can vaguely see what going on so we can verify it, don't need to submit splits etc.
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According to members of the community, it does not change anything. Good luck with your first run
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The reason for this is on that little platform on Quartu, you are too close to the edge, if youre if ur too close to the edge when doing any type of wrench cancel movement, your momentum is stopped. Its a game mechanic to stop you from falling off the edge from using ur wrench. It doesnt matter u can still make the distance onto the pipe without it.
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