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Here are the accepted emulators you can use for console speedruns.

epsxe 1.8
epsxe 1.9
epsxe 2.0.0 (no later versions currently allowed)

Gameboy Color



The official Oddworld Speedrunning crew proudly presents...


Here are some of my guidelines I wrote for this challenge.

-Your goal in this challenge is to complete Abe's Exoddus whilst saving as many Mudokons as you can.

-You only get ONE LIFE. If Abe dies, the challenge is over.

-If you want to take part in this challenge, please visit this Discord server (insert Discord Link here)

-Ask a moderator add your name below.

-Once you start your challenge, you can save your progress at the first screen of Feeco Depot if you wish. Then you can resume. You need to type the words @Magic8Ball into your name chat before you start the challenge. You will be given a set of combinations to do to start the challenge. You can also save at entrance screen of Soulstorm Brewery.

-Your score will be saved after the challenge.


Hi Folks

I would like to confirm that two new planned titles have been added to the site. Once the games have been released and people have been playing them, I will update the site with categories such as any%, 100% and maximum casualties.

I will look forward to uplaoding my fan game to my website when it is made. I am working very hard on this game and will keep you updated.

Regarding Soulstorm, there has not been a release date yet for Soulstorm, but I am preparing the game pages.




Does anyone know how to skip Paramonia in NnT? Planning to do a Maximum Casualties run and I need to skip Paramonia.


We should work on the glitch if it’s useful for speedrunning.


This is an announcement to say that the paulsapp DLL is no longer allowed for speedruns. All runs on the any% leaderboard that have not skipped cinematics are removed .


Since the main Windows port crashes a lot on Windows 10, you may want to consider runnnig the same speedy port on DOSbox which may prevent crashing! I will be trying it today, but DOS version works well on DOSbox. Here's how to get it working.


Can you add language options for game submissions for the following titles:

language selection: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.


The main categories are: any%, any% glitchless, 100%, 50%, maximum casualties and 100% glitches.


So today I've been doing some runs on Bizhawk and I feel that this emulator is the best. It's 100% accurate and you can record input and save on the memory card for final in-game time.

Here is the official project page for Bizhawk:

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Nice to see New 'n' Tasty in the second stream!

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I now use a DualShock 4 controller, I used to use the Dualshock 3 but now Motionjoy doesn't work anymore. Xbox 360 controllers work also with both Abe games.


It's a wnidower. It let's you position the screen to any size-solution you want.

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Exoddus hype!


I'm thinking about submitting my run for Abe's Exoddus any% this year. Abe is 20 years old this year and it'll be a great way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Abe and Oddworld and also there's a storm coming..


Well each cutscene skip I think lasts for about one second or so.


For future runs on all Abe games, cutscenes need to be installed whilst playing the game. I had a message from an SDA moderator and he suggests that future runs will need to include cutscenes. So therefore, runs without cutscenes will be rejected on this site too.


You should start with 70 star because it doesn't have much complicated glitches to learn. I haveen't done a run myself yet but one day I would learn 70 star.

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